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You are a magical, wondrous collection of years of selection.

If you are alive, you’ve beat out millions of possibilities for a chance at your… 181 more words

Big Concepts

The Bible and Mythology

What are we to think of the Bible? What are we to think of Christianity? Is it truth or fiction? Is it myth or reality? Did someone dream all this up, or is the Bible the record of things that actually happened in the course of human history? 3,590 more words


I shared this dramatic story which I wrote for my Youth Group.

I pray that this will touch your Soul as you realise that you, from the beginning were chosen to be a part of this story, the story of creation and the story of your existence and redemption. 3,020 more words

REFLECTIONS ON 'THE WAY' (an rpgmaker game)

Once in a while in your life you come across a piece of writing so profound, so arresting, so moving, that it forever leaves an indelible impression on your soul, affecting you always, never quite leaving your deep memory. 2,926 more words


Weaving the Truth

A reason for writing; the creativity that comes with writing, the power to imagine, is what I deem the most important thing in making life interesting. 569 more words

Demonstrate :: Part 1

Earlier I wrote about the Big Picture of Scripture and how it should compel and motivate the believer to have an outward stance with this world (following the example of God through Christ). 946 more words

Community Group

An outward stance

Every once in a while you come across a book that connects all of the lose wires in your brain, and several years ago that book was ‘ 1,236 more words

Community Group