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REFLECTIONS ON 'THE WAY' (an rpgmaker game)

Once in a while in your life you come across a piece of writing so profound, so arresting, so moving, that it forever leaves an indelible impression on your soul, affecting you always, never quite leaving your deep memory. 2,926 more words


Weaving the Truth

A reason for writing; the creativity that comes with writing, the power to imagine, is what I deem the most important thing in making life interesting. 569 more words

Demonstrate :: Part 1

Earlier I wrote about the Big Picture of Scripture and how it should compel and motivate the believer to have an outward stance with this world (following the example of God through Christ). 946 more words

Community Group

An outward stance

Every once in a while you come across a book that connects all of the lose wires in your brain, and several years ago that book was ‘ 1,236 more words

Community Group

The Big Story of the Bible

I sometimes teach that we can understand the big story of the Bible as a five act drama or a meta-narrative with five chapters: Fellowship, Fall, Reconciliation, Commission, and Consummation. 444 more words

Adaptation. – Or, “I’m Writing a Metanarrative”

Adaptation. is itself an adaptation of The Orchid Thief, a novel by Susan Orlean. Or at least sort-of…allow me to explain.

We are first introduced to Charlie ( 652 more words

Roger Ebert's Great Movies

(Un)blocking the way to the discussion table

‘Tracing the metanarrative of colonialism and its legacy’ is one of the shortest and sharpest chapters in Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations. Teri Merrick, a professor of philosophy at Azusa Pacific University, argues that Kant and Hegel’s version of how we know things sets up Western modern science as the arbitrator of truth. 313 more words

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