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Looking Back

I DON’T WANT TO MULCH THIS SATURDAY. I know it’s our big to-do for when the weather’s right, but I don’t want to. I want to do things young people with kids do, like a soccer game or dance recital or gymnastics. 813 more words

Big Concepts

Truth Be Told – Part 1, continued: Truth is a Story

DRAGNET WAS A POPULAR TV POLICE DRAMA in the 1950s and 60s, featuring dramatized actual cases from the Los Angeles Police Department. The main character, Sergeant Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb), was a terse, no-nonsense cop just looking to solve cases and catch crooks as quickly and efficiently as possible. 990 more words


A Brief Introduction to Post-Modernism

The structure is crumbling. No longer is there a prevailing monolithic permeating absolute for us to gaze upon and collectively fall to our knees in submission. 1,167 more words


1. Biblical Theology, Metanarrative, and Worldview


I want to begin with a question. How would you to describe a typical Bible study or sermon? Specifically how do you think they would organize the content of the teaching? 2,161 more words


His Story

As 2014 came to an end I was reminded of the fact that the Bible is not some arbitrary collation of books or letters that simply give principles on life and how to live it. 283 more words


The Big Picture

When children properly learn history, they find they are uncovering God’s masterpiece. The world is God’s theater, and history is his “His Story.” God is the Divine Engineer who establishes the set. 1,484 more words

Too Long/Didn't Read...

You are a magical, wondrous collection of years of selection.

If you are alive, you’ve beat out millions of possibilities for a chance at your… 181 more words

Big Concepts