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Sorrow Born out of Greed...


On a warm summer day, an old soul returned to a place where parts of it remain for years.  Waiting  while misplaced pieces of it floated through life on waves of tears.  352 more words


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wisdom on Tuesday

Little Bee

Little bee coming home, pouch full of honey, shimmying left and right, breeze catches his hide, pushes his flight, in the distance home, goes a little higher, safe up there, waves at dragonfly, keeps eye on birds, can’t get too close, remember  uncle herb, buzz buzz buzz and more buzz, panic stations alarm bells, puffs of smoke, his little heart jumps, little bee hurries up, dives and dives, brothers and sisters, there’s always someone home, pulls up on tree, exhausted and perspiring, watches afraid to go near, fire and smoke panic, coughing and choking, friends join him, neighbours wanted the honey, rather than negotiate, decided to burn them out, poor bee homeless and sad, honey going to waste, unemployed as well, no wisdom in that.


Purely Accidental


Half truth innuendo and rumour, repeated themes re told and re told, news story of dictator led regimes, we hear about it all the time, 171 more words


Word of the week

Every week I’ll post a word that has a beautiful meaning, is pronounced funny, or is just unusual.

The first word is metanoia.  I hope you get to experience metanoia somewhere during this journey we call… 6 more words

Beautiful Meaning

"Without love we are not more than an empty canvas." - Philip T. M.

“Without love we are not more than an empty canvas.” – Philip T. M.

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Qutes Daddy

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add a little to the pile and watch the world smile


I’m restless. I don’t know what I’m doing. I never really have. I’m one of those “wandering aimlessly” types blah blah. I like books and film and fun and music and beer and art. 67 more words

Stepping Up

“You can break that big plan into small steps and take that first step right away.” ~Indira Ghandi

Photos By Iliana C. Hakes-Martinez

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