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Make me pure – but not yet – pleaded the saint

Augustine longing to evergreen dying leaves of lust

Pines this loss – their fall to dismal august dust… 112 more words

The word game

It is easy to make up bad poetry. Words like life and love are so vague that they generally fit any metaphor, especially a non-specific one. 208 more words

Making Improvements

Making Improvements, by Tasha Halpert

When I look at a situation it is often with an eye as to what can be done to improve it. 520 more words

Quantum III {Faith}

Intro: Faith & Fate…Love
Love & Faith…
Beams from beads of seeds…
Birth beneath erupts rosaries…
Each speak of beliefs in Beings…
Paths rooted in need… 98 more words


Homology, analogy and metaphor. Science in Society 5.


‘Much scientific argument and hypothesis-making proceeds through the use of analogy and metaphor’. Steven Rose.

To help us understand a scientific process we often liken it to something we’re already familiar with.

381 more words
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i stood still, weary and all
at the turnstile to tomorrow/
tucking the gravity reserved
within me deeper, twitched/
nerved/ distant/ ticketed,
lodged in the locomotive of me/ 33 more words


World Politics In A Few Lines

Stop their breathing, we need to breathe. Do your best to block the path of air moving into their undeserving lungs. Kill the dreams they once cherished. 159 more words