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Unconditional handshake

Parenting a precocious tween has many moments that are probably best left off my blog. But, to my surprise and delight, small points of light still accompany my days and nights even at the end of a summer of (occasionally too much) family togetherness. 630 more words


Jesus, Guitars, & Bob Dylan Melodies

Bob Dylan’s my JAAAAAM—know that going in. Love the soul & creativity you feel in his tune.

Anyways…this morning I was doing my per usual Bob Dylan & friends jam — and, the song “To Make You Feel My Love” nearly brought me to my knees. 321 more words


One Wish

I love you more now
Greater than I did before
It gets harder every day
I’m sorry it has to be this way
I was crazy to let you go… 234 more words

Battle Not With Monsters

EXT. Park – Day

Two lovers nuzzle on a park bench.


(monster voice)
Yeeees, my loooove?

How will we find a good home for little The Creature? 213 more words


My Honey Bee
By Shannon M. Connor

You scare me.
You are sweet. But you s c a r e me.

Is it because I know you are scared… Of me? 65 more words