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Rising with the Lark

Did you ever hear a sound as sad as a mother crying after dark?
Did I ever feel a feeling that felt all the way into my heart? 84 more words

Playing the guitar

Love is like playing the guitar. I never knew how it worked but I appreciate its beauty. So I tried to be involved instead of just listening to the melody; I tried how to play. 54 more words


a sip of music

Hello everyone! This is ck, the second half of the dynamic duo! As we are gearing up for our first writing challenge, we are posting some work that we have produced over the past few months. 54 more words

Creative Writing

The Night I Grew Ten Feet

Once, I grew ten feet in eight hours.

When I woke up in the morning, I was too big for my bed. In my sleep, I had curled up to try and stay on the mattress, like a dragon curled around a too-small pile of treasure. 1,152 more words

Life As A Wheel

Life is a wheel that spins slowly,

the grand circle of joy and despair.

If I can, I’ll try to stop the wheel

and live forever without time or lines. 236 more words


On the Nature of Freedom

Who could claim the river captive?

Such horrid strength
Makes quick work of disrespectful vessels
Such providing tides
Overflowing and teeming with life

Endlessly give and endlessly take… 34 more words


It has begun!

Today is the Winter Solstice. I had not intended to begin this blog until the 27th but it just feels right.

This marks the beginnings of my favorite season.  559 more words

First Post