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Sometimes I read words that hurt me more than knives and fire
They make me bite my tongue and roll the splinters of a phrase around my mouth… 57 more words


Module 6: Analogies and Abstractions

I don’t think I had considered, in isolation, the importance of teaching students how to compare and contrast as foundational to all learning. But it is. 998 more words



Dedicated to Rebecca Preval

Dear Confidant,
Don’t hide your innocence when the wicked perceive
your integrity as obsolete.
The ashes of your past tears will rise up… 301 more words


"The Sleep Philosopher."

Last night in bed I found myself hanging about a little longer in that oh so slippery limbo between consciousness and oblivion. I didn’t question it because I knew that if I did, I would be jerked back awake, heart pounding, limbs quivering. 624 more words

My Untamable Mane

My hair is another animal in itself. When I was a child, my hair was pin straight. Then somewhere along the line, things began to change. 193 more words


Poem: Because It's There

Here’s one of my ars poeticas, written a couple years ago for a prompt.

This is written in the “garland cinquain” form. Forms of this complexity

Doug Westberg

Free Black Space: Niki Minaj, Malcolm X, and the Bad Metaphor

Some relevant thoughts on metaphor from Hoke (Bro Yao) Glover from his blog spot Free Black Space:

Rap is image and swag. We believe in this. 59 more words