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Analogy and metaphor (and simile)

Definition, discussion and examples on the internet are confusing. The confusion can be pushed aside if we focus on the key quality shared by all three terms, namely, inviting readers (or listeners) to think about A as if it were B. 204 more words


"Puns are bad... but poetry is verse." - Happy National Poetry Day!

In honour of national poetry day, I thought I’d post one of the few poems I’ve ever actually finished! It was bafflingly published, due in part I’m sure to the lack of other entries. 205 more words



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Life’s beverage,
served regardless;
perhaps too hot,
or either tepid,
sometimes with
a bitter edge,
but certainly not too sweet; 16 more words


A Metaphorical Allegorical Work: Filled to the Brim With Literary Analyzable Moments

The package arrived from amazon.

David was excited, the package was from his mother, whose name was Mrs Clements. Mrs Clements owned a fancy wine store: but the package did not contain wine. 48 more words

Darkly Burnt Toast

I used to think the world of you

but now I only think the desert.


and barren;

cracked in the most vital


Your once venerable motherhood- 50 more words


What I’m Trying to Say Is—

When miles spread between us
like the voracious space between lonely fingers
all I was thinking was I’m sorry
for all the times I bled on your sheets… 100 more words

The Grey Castle (Original poem of mine)

I woke at the grey castle,
And with each breath
I saw those grey walls
And grey stone
And the grey sky
With the black birds… 123 more words