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Visualizing Writing in the Center

My goal with this project is to develop new habits of education around parts of writing and the writing process that balance textual with visual material. 71 more words


Which direction is your future?

By Marie Rogers

There are thousands of different languages spoken in the world today. Each one has a unique way of expressing thoughts through sounds. But does the language you speak affect the way you think?


Sugar Glass

While swallowing the breath of ‘what’s left is too little to say and too few to lay to rest’ this little thing held the round bulge of a bulb to her flat chest in replace of a meaty breast that was forced to prematurely milk against a weakened will. 47 more words

Short Story

Fever in the dark

The remains of a shadow

and where the day starts

a night has just begun.

solid pain breaks,

and every form of joy crashes

in an avalanche. 32 more words


The invisible dance (or is it a fight?)

it ends where it begins,

could I take you

In this impossible journey

Just to show you 

what it’s like

not that it would be wise though, 27 more words


the prison and the smile

I am trapped

where this smile makes me suffer

And no matter what

I do

Or don’t

it’s always there and

I can not

just can not

break this door



sand storm

sand storm
and in between i found
… missing kite