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the other day i was walking from my car to my apartment with a few bags of groceries, leftover pho, a library book, my mug, and a dead phone. 53 more words


Sunrise Symphony

Birds flying from tree to tree looking for a place to perch their pitch on this fine morning. The way the breeze flows through the trees standing rooftop high carries the notes just right. 382 more words

Mental Illness as a Metaphor

It is in the nature of humans to feel uncomfortable about things they cannot find the cause of. It is also just as uncomfortable to be accepting of the idea of not being able to have a comprehensive grasp on any particular idea or situation. 846 more words


Our love is like that of the birth of a lotus flower.

There in the mire, a flower blooms into an enchanting beauty.

How can anything beautiful come out of a murky and untouched place? 113 more words

Why storms are named after people

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Thoughts on this:

When I start reading it I felt (kind of) related because I’m definitely the kind of person that would take you to parks, museums and geek places… 26 more words