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You have a
nom de plume

that throbs into life
in my fingertips.

I brandish songs
out of it,
jumble up verses
and make you whisper… 199 more words

The Silent Hours (Original poem of mine)

This echoing throat
Of blackness
Where the lone pearl of the moon
Shouts starkly
On the sullen hue
Of the hillside.
The air is dead… 81 more words


i cut off my hand months ago
it was infected and decaying
it’s fine. I bandaged it quickly. I am fine.
It felt good
relief… 31 more words



How do you address something that’s still so fresh in your mind? You’ve got so much to think about and yet you don’t know exactly how to translate it into concise sentences. 377 more words

Journal Space


Wrapped in a lover’s embrace,

An emerald entwinement.

Exquisite flowers gifted,

A bouquet of thanks.

Two forms entangled.

Two lives as one.


M is for Metaphor

Today we explore two words that appear at opposite ends of the language/reality spectrum but in fact have a great deal to do with each other and inform each other mutually. 758 more words


Three Easy Metaphors


Heaven is a big ice-cream tub for all to eat. God chose ice-cream because he knew everyone likes it. Therefore he made the tub so big that every good man could fit in, and then he let them in, and he saw that all of them were happy. 1,395 more words