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Men's Mental Health - and finally: spiritual healing.

We must be careful not to misunderstand the word “spiritual”, nor think we can only come to it through religion. The spiritual dimension existed before there were ever religions to give it a name. 1,083 more words


A message from the stars

A fabulous thought
extends to eternity.
of the unknown,
of the infinite.
The darkness
of the universe
envelops us
in its cloak.
But it’s cold… 33 more words


Thousands of miracles

I’m trying In vain
to find the lost words,
somewhere in the void,
between the past
and the dreams,
between imagination
and images
of ruddy sunsets and dawns, 64 more words



I walk,
my footsteps
are dully echoing,
and every step
like walking
on a thousand
I was not born
to walk
on this earth… 79 more words


Dark night

And quite unnoticed,
all flows
drop by drop.

Joy and sorrow
as tides.

I walk up to the hill
of my desires
and wonder… 50 more words


Writers on the River, Monroe, Michigan

There will be a Book Festival and sale at the Monroe County Library, Sunday, November 9, from Noon until 3:00 p.m.  Free and open to the public.  14 more words

Mind & Spirit

The Music of Angels

I had retired for the evening, and my thoughts wandered as I waited for sleep to come. As my mind drifted from one thing to another, I suddenly realized that I heard beautiful music.  163 more words

Mind & Spirit