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Lonely universe

While billions of golden
shimmering objects,
woven into the
dark blue blanket
over my head,
light and flicker
to the rhythm
of my heart,
my sleeping soul… 42 more words


The birth of beauty

I’m twisting
as a ribbon of time
in the eternity
of parallel worlds
falling softly
in the cotton darkness
while the roses of cosmos
bloom… 52 more words


By Fall of Night - out now!!!

At last, I’ve nailed the final sentence of the final draft of my latest novel, By Fall of Night. It’s been a hard one to crack, hard to explore these esoteric and speculative concepts of mind and meaning, and present them as a story anyone would want to read. 494 more words


Psychic on Every Corner

There seems to be a psychic on every corner nowadays. This article is my perception of this phenomenon, some ways it evolved – and how it can serve us.   990 more words


Advice on Starting Your Psychic Journey

So where do you start on your psychic journey? Right where you sitting reading this. Read, research, ask, absorb. The most important thing you can do once you get through the learning part is act. 799 more words


A journey

All the beauty of this world
fits in one hand
and the entire cosmos
in a single flower petal.
Forever captured
by the blue sky, 35 more words


You Should Rest

I had just spent a hectic day, running from place to place to do errands.  Just doing the grocery shopping had tired me out, but I pressed on to finish everything that I needed to do. 90 more words

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