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A Tribute to Dr. Masaru Emoto 1943-2014.

His work was so incredible. Thank you Dr. Masaru Emoto for all your photos and words.

His photos of proof of how the energy of water is directly related to the words, feelings and even music that is directed to it, is truly amazing. 172 more words



Before I begin to describe my dream, I would like to say I am not religious in any shape or form.

I was surrounded by people, people, whom were here for the same reason, yet I felt I was the only one, the intense feeling that I experienced could not belong to anyone else, it was a feeling that I fear is difficult to describe with words, I can not find the words to illustrate such soul tingling euphoria, even these two key words, soul and euphoria, both in some shape of form lack a physical understanding, especially the former, an elusive concept that is easily moulded and constructed by our synapses and connections in our brain because the absolute truth is still so astronomically unattainable. 319 more words


Goldfish Bowl

Bark arms hang from the earth

Powdered faces sit upon the sky

Sleeping hooves awaken in the night

Corpse feet sleep among the dead light… 18 more words


The cliff

Rein in the thought.
Rein in today’s day.
The time inevitably passes
with the speed of light.
And, before you know it,
a bright, unclouded day… 133 more words


The Goal

The sun is hiding
behind the clouds.
Everything will be
which never was.

The heart is a
strange thing.
It should be kept
in the right place. 57 more words


Roadblocked? The one color that will save your life

It’s quite interesting the studies and statistics about color energy.

Did you know?

Silver-colored cars are least likely to be involved in an auto accident, since they are most visible on the road and in low light. 371 more words


Crystal Protection Grid

Building a Protection Grid with Crystals

By G G Collins     (Copyright 2014)

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Whether or not this is an actual quote from Buddha doesn’t matter. 469 more words