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Song of Bean

Based on de Chirico’s ‘Song of Love’.

Art Attack

"Energy During Meditation" - channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy


You can also listen to this at the beginning of the second track of Kay’s guided meditation CD published in 2012. See http://earthmessagepress.com/meditation-cd/ .

The CD is available at 
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Reduced force
on the margins
of consciousness.
Why do
that tides of pain
swell now?
Destructive thoughts
are sinking,
like spears,
into the soft tissue… 58 more words


Being unconditional is an ascension.

Unconditional? Can we truly have unconditional thoughts and/or feelings? Human beings are linear creatures. We need to define things to put them into categories. “Defining” things helps us understand that which we sense (what we touch, smell, taste, hear, etc) … we always have to have a base comparison to identify something or things. 296 more words


From our Atoms and Beyond...

As we know were all comprised of energy atoms and such, when we die those atoms don’t die they move on to become part of other things. 71 more words