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Some Quick Dreams: Oil, Affirmations, Coffins, Parties, and Babies

I’ve been gone for quite some time as I’ve been involved in getting ready for graduation from the first cycle of the School of Metaphysics, and I’ve been preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend.  995 more words


The Unity of Opposites: The Universal Substance (Logos and Yin-Yang)

This article is about the birth of western philosophy, and the first basic philosophical problem – what is the world made of?

The pre-Socratic Greeks were essentially  902 more words


Ultimate Reality and the word "God"

The idea of ultimate reality represents the unchanging and unconditional transcendent reality which underlies and gives rise to the limited, conditional, perceptual reality of everyday experience. 410 more words


The Mind-Body Solution: Nondualism

In metaphysics, nondualism is a concept used to join the two major concepts of mind and matter as one. However, it does not point to monism (single substance reality) as opposed to dualism (dual substance reality), it is a concept that it actually beyond language altogether, where there are no opposites. 285 more words


Earl Scruggs and the metaphysics nightmare

Patient X: Doc, I had a bad dream.
Dr. Pepperoncini: Oh? When?
Patient X: When I was asleep.
Dr. Pepperoncini: Hmm. What was it about? 603 more words


The Mind-Body Problem

The mind-body problem is a problem in philosophy that examines the relationship between consciousness and matter.

Classically, there are four possible solutions, and namely they are: dualism, material monism, ideal monism and neutral monism. 351 more words


Maya and the Illusion of Reality

In two previous posts, The Death of Materialism, and The Quantum Universe, I explained how the reality that we experience is a perceptual copy  of an underlying field of potentialities from which our universe arises. 560 more words