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Does theology have a reason to exist?

The following is semi-formal discussion of theology and philosophy. While I am passionate about the subject matter, it could come across as stuffy and impersonal compared to my usual posts. 1,770 more words


Thankful Thursday: Dreams, Progress, and Old Friends

I’m grateful for insights on dreams.

Tuesday I called my metaphysics teacher.  I was frustrated with my dreams.  I didn’t feel I had a good connection with my subconscious.  728 more words


Metaphysics: everybody's doing it

Whatever else might be said about the Scholastic worldview, it is essentially a metaphysical description of the world. Since some people may be confused about what exactly metaphysics is, and if they do know they may be suspicious of its legitimacy, I will use this first post and the next to talk briefly about those two issues. 1,591 more words


Metaphysics Monday: People Who Love People

My recent intuitive reports made a few things clear: #1  I need to stay in the physical (get out of my head and into my  body) and #2: I need to be with people.  243 more words


A Social Evening With The Gifted

Last night we had a night out with the gifted, psychics, healers, and sensitives from around my area. It was a fun entertaining evening. Not because of the content we exchanged or the social exchange. 523 more words

Alternative Healing

Sacred Geometry

This 1 hr 45 min documentary lies out the basics of sacred geometry, something that I’m only just beginning to research.