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Being and Eschatology | Matt Burdette

As you know, I have been meeting with Robert Jenson. What is emerging for me are three related but distinct variables: what I myself think theologically, what Jenson-the-man thinks, and what Jenson-the-collection-of-writings has actually said. 1,003 more words

Time And Eternity

A New Philosophy of Nature?

Give a listen to Roberto Mangabeira Unber’s ideas:


Thanksgiving Metamorphosis "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -HDT

My mother died in mid-October on a blue-sky, Sunday morning. Devoutly religious, the timing of her passing—the Lord’s Day—was in and of itself somewhat mystical. Given a choice, Sunday would surely have been the day she would have chosen for her soul to rise up to her God. 449 more words


The Things They Say

As much hinting as I’ve tried to do, I will probably never divulge where the quotes on my site come from…

Me: If it weren’t for all the wars we’ve had on this planet, I wonder where we’d be right now. 8 more words


A Short Critique of Nothingness

In which is demonstrated its impossibility Picture an ancient tarn enclosed on all sides by mountains and trees, hold in you mind the keen shimmer of the water, the murmuring of the oaks and the injustice of the northern winds. 916 more words


ABC of the Standard Model- 2 /Invisible Worlds

All stable matter in the universe is made from lightest particles that signify these belong to the first generation; any heavier particles quickly decay to the next most stable level. 209 more words

Benny Thomas

Junk Science

Junk science

The acceptance of ideas in society today is largely based on the verification of certain facts through a standardized system of scientific method.  While this method has provided a lot of insight on the interactions of our environment, overreliance on so called scientific facts can be very misleading. 477 more words