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Thinking is Causative

I just found this amazing website, Thinking is Causative .com  There are lots of FREE e-books to download there , including my favorite all time book, The Edigburgh Lectures on Mental Science, by Tomas Troward. 62 more words


Metaphysics: Fact and Fiction, and How To Tell the Difference

I have a natural, yet trained, sense of discernment.  During training, I was given mathematical equations.  Some were true, some were false.  Having no gift in math, as in facts and figures, I was asked to discern which equations were correct by using only my sense of discernment. 317 more words


Animal Guides

When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” ~ A.D. 456 more words


The Essence of Zen

In this article I’d like to talk about a topic, which at heart, is impossible to talk about. I must accentuate then, that the spirit of the words which are to follow is not to portray any sort of creed—a system of opinion or belief—but rather to expose the remnants of what we could call a ‘way of perceiving'; a ‘way of living’, or a ‘state of being'; which at present in the West is completely alien, and most regrettably, unstylish. 1,474 more words


Does theology have a reason to exist?

The following is semi-formal discussion of theology and philosophy. While I am passionate about the subject matter, it could come across as stuffy and impersonal compared to my usual posts. 1,770 more words


Thankful Thursday: Dreams, Progress, and Old Friends

I’m grateful for insights on dreams.

Tuesday I called my metaphysics teacher.  I was frustrated with my dreams.  I didn’t feel I had a good connection with my subconscious.  728 more words