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We scrunch down and make ourselves small
Afraid to stretch tall where it matters most
We have seen what happens
To those who dare speak of a different way… 159 more words

Embrace The Paradox

Do we experience reality and what the **** is reality anyway? Continued....

Just as there are no convincing arguments for the existence of a thing outside of experience that causes experience there are no convincing arguments for there not being a thing outside of experience causing experience. 383 more words


IN-Powerment Post of the Day - Kidest OMૐ

Events will never define you. Events can never define you. They are momentary fleeting apparitions. Be centered in yourself and recognize that the only power of definition in your reality, is you.


Duality-The Female Part 3

Magister Templi Degree

It has been said there are three great stages in a woman’s life. These are the three faces of the Goddess, Maid,Mother and Crone. 858 more words


There are a handful of things in this life that I am certain of & one of them is that fear is at the root of all my problems. 100 more words

The Deepest Darkest Corners

Attending Shabbat

I am repeatedly reminded of the invisible help which is at our fingertips that is often forgotten.  I spoke to people of a variety of faiths and thought how wonderful it must be to have a belief system that’s so strong.   775 more words