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upon my mind

Sweet as the winter wine upon thy lips
Soft as a blossom upon my finger tips
Sensual desire of soon to be enhanced
Penetrating thoughts of love and loss… 66 more words


IN-Powerment Post of the Day - Kidest OMૐ

The very experience of having the thought or desire means that the desired reality is a living possibility in the quantum field. Creation is whole. There are no parts showing up that are disconnected or fragmented from a living complete field of expression. 45 more words


Fr. Frederick C. Copleston vs. Bertrand Russell on the Existence of God

This is a beautiful example of how to discuss philosophy with someone you disagree with. Moreover, it is a charitable philosophical discussion between two great thinkers.   68 more words

General Philosophy

A Brief Mathematics of Intimacy

Methinks the best intimate relationships are those in which one can be alone (all-one?)—together.

Not in diminution through mutual sacrificial subtractions, yea, surely not solely for multiplicative reproduction wherein 1 x 1 is somehow > 1, indeed ≥ 3. 32 more words


Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ September 3, 2014

Here is your Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast, beginning Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Know where you are in your journey.

Calendar Week 36 is a 9 global week (3+6=9) in the 9th… 1,456 more words

just tumbled

he always fumbled on

bumbled towards light
stumbled across his toes
mumbled around his tongue
grumbled excuses for being
crumbled towards not

it’s not a controlled fall… 6 more words


Their Lies... Or My Laziness?

We live in a dishonest world.

Everywhere we turn we see distortions of the truth… some out of selfishness, some out of fear & stills others out of ignorance. 76 more words