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Evil and Suffering

Evil and Suffering

The nature of evil and suffering are of central concern in religious thought. The concept of evil itself is far from unambiguous, but all religions recognize that the human condition is a condition in which we experience suffering, and all religions offer an explanation of why we experience suffering and what we mustdo to enter a relationship with the Absolute, with  2,281 more words


Earth 2.0

I hope readers understand that I believe we’re on a Soul ‘Death / Rebirth’ journey at present and that this journey is reflected in some of the news stories in the media headlines. 193 more words


Philosopher Fridays: Rousseau, Part One

Philosopher Fridays are back! This is a weekly series where I take a brief look at philosophers who inspire me. These posts are not meant to be comprehensive in any fashion, but are instead meant to focus on what I find to be thought-provoking, compelling, and occasionally even haunting. 1,463 more words


Mind over mind

So I’ve been in a bit of an emotional funk for the last few weeks. My last real post sent me into a bit of a journey of self-reflection, pushing me to think about what I’m doing with my life, how I’m doing it, and, most importantly, … 984 more words


Security Measure

That’s not the right perspective to take. Can’t you see I’m hanging off an odd angle and I have so many other angles to proceed with? 256 more words

God and the cause of the universe

A large and powerful tradition within Christendom has always asserted that faith in God’s existence (and His revelation through Christ) is a rational belief based on evidence, i.e. 2,974 more words

God / Gott

Personal Theism and Contingent Persons

I sometimes hear it said that some people are ready to countenance that there exists a being which is necessary, transcends the world, and is related to the world as it’s explanation or cause, and yet for whom the suggestion that this being is ultimately personal is too much to swallow. 1,292 more words