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The crow caws... (Haiku)

The crow caws goodbye
laughing at the moonlight in
the day’s morning sky


GASP! Is Argo Really a Repressed or Closet Marxist?: Response to John Immel from Spiritual Tyranny

Recently, I posted a comment on John Immel’s blog, http://www.spiritualtyranny.com, under the article “Welcome to the Problem of Universals”, which you can access here… 3,702 more words


Quick Note on the Third Man Argument

The third man argument has no force if the sentence of the form: ‘The Large is large’ is taken to be self-predication – that is, a statement of that being large is a part of what it is to be large – and not an example of something which is an additional thing that displays the form Large. 12 more words


You may have heard people say of an idea "Its time has not yet come

This simply means that there is not enough energy connected with the idea to propel it outward into the world of physical experience as an objective mass-experienced event

The Unbearable Darkness of Seeing...The Light Side of the Moon

Part I  The Unbearable Darkness of Seeing

“The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us.” HDT

I awoke to find myself falling down a deep, dark hole. 320 more words


Friday Feelings - A New "Super" Bowl

All week long, I’ve been seeing different segments on television shows about what people are making for their Super Bowl snacks. So much airtime has been devoted to food, eating, partying, and having a good time. 178 more words


Notes on Supervenience

- The basic idea for supervenience is that there is no change in the mental (M) unless there is a change in the physical (P). Put differently, no mental activity without physical activity – the mental supervenes on the physical. 391 more words