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Logic Begins With Eros

If I must say whether or not God exists, I am closer to His truth when saying that He does not exist, since God is something entirely different from that which I recognise as existence… 1,087 more words


ode to beauty

For that which occupies my mind is the thought of beauty
For how could I ever see a clear night sky
and not be a gazed upon it’s sight… 82 more words


Lambs To A Slaughter (part 19) by CpSingleton © 2010

The light of day paled to a black over the the lads tent.
In no discernible order the stars twinkled an hello to the sheep gathered around the camp. 333 more words


No. 606

The following is an indication of my sanity or an example of channelling during an automatic writing session. I wrote the following without thinking. I have tidied it up. 476 more words


Agency and Freewill in Metaphysical Naturalism

In the last two parts of my philosophy series, “Thinking about the ‘Metaphysics’ in Metaphysical Naturalism,” there was an aspect in each discussion that suggests we live in a… 4,024 more words


Prosperity Part 2



(From this week’s newspaper article)
Unity defines prosperity as an all-encompassing idea that, considered in the broadest sense, is spiritual well being. Spiritual well being is our “natural state”, and includes the whole experience of health, love,  peace, harmony, and sufficiency.

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Psychic Dream Interpretation: Visits from a Deceased Husband, How to Recognize Your Spirit Guides and More!


A woman dreams repeatedly about her deceased husband…What is he trying to tell his beloved wife??? Also, a prophetic dream, a warning dream, how a woman heals in a dream, what a wedding means and learning how to recognize your Spirit Guides in a dream.
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