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If everything is a part of nature, with natural causes, then is nature self- explanatory because it does our knowing for us? So who is asking the question? 8 more words


Science, Philosophy, and Placement Problems

As I have been doing research this holiday season on expanding the discussion in my earlier article “Philosophically Defining the Supernatural,” I have been reading philosopher Jack Ritchie’s… 638 more words


new moon didi before writing down the story...

now thinking no, on the yoga teacher training.  like it’s one too many eggs in too many baskets.  need to focus on my book.  how many times can i say this over and over?   803 more words

Creative Writing

Flesh Life

Bury me under a tree,
So I may be free from fake tears
And feel the sun on me.

Cast my ashes upon the sea, 89 more words

Anchors Away

‘I Need Do Nothing’ from A Course in Miracles:

“Your way will be different, not in purpose, but in means. A holy relationship is a means of saving time. 928 more words


How's That Working For You?

I told someone what a mess my life was.

I couldn’t stay sober… I couldn’t maintain a relationship… I couldn’t hold down a job… I felt miserable, depressed & useless. 62 more words

No. 854

Monkey Logic. By CpSingleton © 2014

There was once a tired monkey,
His arms were heavy and long.
His brain was lost in space somewhere, 84 more words