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The Birthing of Conscious Manifestation: Zero Point Energy

…by Christy Angelle Tietje


Once you awaken to your Zero Point Energy and your chakras (which are also Zero Points with certain nuances of will, expressed as scalar waves) realign to awaken your kundalini, which is the chakral alignment, unification, and amplification… a column of light rising into infinity from the root all the way through and out of the crown chakra, you will begin to see the higher order of all life.

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The Shaman's Song

When an attack over-turns a wagon killing the Martins, their six year old daughter Avery learns to survive in the Smokey Mountains by watching the bears. 50 more words


Analogy like syllepsis

Thomas Aquinas argues that everything true we can say about God, we can say only analogously. I’ve noticed that people have trouble telling the difference between this claim and a much stronger one, namely, that… 1,684 more words


What are you here for?

It’s nice to think I’m here for something. Makes me feel all purposeful and hopeful and like my dreams count and shit. I’m not talking about the question of our origin and purpose as a whole species, but… 1,629 more words

The Non

Don’t take from this
What you can’t.

It’s not yours,
And it never will be.

You ask nicely.

You want me,
But, you don’t. … 112 more words


Beyond Ecstasy

WARNING: this article is about weird, freaky interdimensional, beyond orgasmic sex and includes images of women having orgasms. And also includes dialogue which is of an explicit sexual nature. 2,096 more words


A Critique of Aaron James' "Asshole" Theory

I’ve recently been reading Aaron James’ Assholes: A Theory, in which James attempts to sort out what it means to be an “asshole”, how people get to be “assholes” and what methods people and societies should use to contain and contend with them. 1,434 more words