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The Geld Off

The reason why the world plays the game of Monopoly is for protection. The little I tells us money and work will protect us from deep Love and keep us scratching at the surface. 466 more words


What is Grace Anyway?

I once had a friend explain to me his “biblical” definition of grace as: receiving something good that we don’t really deserve. My response was something like, “hmm…,” then I kept quiet. 441 more words


IN-Powerment Post of the Day - Kidest OMૐ

Update your psychological map of self and world so that your map is based on empowered and empowering ideas. What you understand about yourself and others in all types of situations and contexts, are only maps or models of understanding you have formed. 27 more words


The Legacy of a Truth Seeker by Bernardo Kastrup – The Video

With another hat on I mix music and occasionally even sell a download or CD. I don’t usually wear two hats at once but here’s a cross-over project. 115 more words

Fear Is My Real Weakness

Is admitting that I’ve been hurt a weakness… or is my real weakness the fear that keeps me from admitting it?

Not only does fear cause all of my problems… but it also keeps me from helping you solve yours. 56 more words

Killing is Bad

If we reject the deprivation account and we hold that death is neutral and only its extrinsic properties are bad, then is killing bad? Or more precisely is it  128 more words


Please Pray With Me--"Whatsoever Ye Ask For Believing Ye Shall Receive"

I am so happy and grateful to weigh 260 lbs with 15% body fat. I make at least $110K every month and I live off 10% of my income sending the rest out to do good on the planet. 230 more words