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Metaphysical Research

Metaphysical research done in a scientific way.

Vibrational vibrations of rhythmic rhythms of MHZ will produce color in the color spectrum.

Everything on and in earth produces sound. 130 more words


For a thousand years... (Haiku)

For a thousand years,
leaves have flickered gold and red;
koi… water dancing.


Meet the "Crystal Children"

by Gordon Bonnet via Skeptophilia

Last year I wrote a piece on the phenomenon of people labeling themselves or their kids “Indigo Children.”  An “Indigo Child,” it’s said, is empathetic, sensitive, creative, and tends not to fit in well with regards to other people’s expectations.   377 more words


The Origin of Accidents

I feel that those “accidental” bruises and little wounds we get
regularly (I sure hope it’s not so regular!) are a form of unconscious
self punishment. 362 more words


Man's True Nature

The following article is more-so a sum of ideas, insights, and notes of a non-linear nature. I’ll be stepping outside of my usual formal writing style, and stepping into a more stream of consciousness mode of writing. 979 more words

The Universe as an Internal Reality

This article is by no means a precise transcription of what I’m trying to convey, rather a sum of ideas, more so than a statement. We’ll be looking at the universe as an internal reality – rather than an external reality. 592 more words