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This is not an article that philosophically criticizes the constitution and concept of marriage, though that is a very interesting topic, worthy of an article of its own. 537 more words


The Wacky Races

First of all rape is horrible. To force oneself on another person without their consent is hideous but it seems that, in the US, black comedian Bill Cosby has been already been found guilty and sentenced without any trial, and removed from the Waves of the Air. 221 more words


Notes on Idealism II

- The starting point of idealism, at least in the modern period, can be traced to Descartes and his distinction between material and immaterial substances. Material substances are foreign to immaterial substances – one cannot know or cause or move the other. 206 more words


I'm new here. Please show me how it's done and what I should do. I feel like a newborn.

Hi, my internet handle is Sunmanpatu but i’m known by many names. Many people have been asking me to write for many years so I guess this is the beginning of a monumental endeavor for me. 142 more words

No. 806

The Rot. By CpSingleton © 2014

We are rotting from the inside out.
The core:
Puss-ridden and stagnant!
Each millimetre layer reacting with
The last, as the weak membranes… 414 more words


Satyagraha सत्याग्रह Truth Force

Western esotericists have either posited or adapted the idea of a “universal life force” from eastern traditions such as Indian प्राण prana or Taoist 氣 chi, with druids sometimes using the phrase “nwyfre.” This last is supposedly from a Welsh word for “sky” or “heaven” and I suspect was introduced by revival pioneer Iolo Morganwg. 557 more words

Not Perfect... But Trying

“Nobody’s perfect”… isn’t a good enough reason to not ‘try’ to be.

I know the things I say sometimes sound like I expect people to be perfect or that I think I’m perfect, but neither of those are accurate. 59 more words