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MAP-ping Networks That Control Cell Movement: Implications for Understanding Metastasis

For many patients with cancer, it is the spread of tumor cells from the original site to another organ or part of the body (a process called metastasis) that presents the biggest challenges associated with their disease. 502 more words


Breast Cancer Spread: A New Test to Predict Metastases

What You Need to Know: A new test (MetaSite Breast) may be commercially available in late 2015. It relies on the tumor microenvironment of metastasis (TMEM) score, something found to be linked to the potential for breast cancer spread (metastasis). 582 more words

Breast Cancer

a Cell

I am a cancer cell…
I am fine. I am well.
I am free and completely unbound.

It is not my doomed yell.
I can hush. 14 more words


How the BRCA1 Gene Devastated a Small Family (Mine)

My mother, Lily Koval Brown, died exactly 22 years ago today of metastatic cancer. Her sister Joyce Koval Lamb died of metastatic cancer July 4, 1984. 2,055 more words

Breast Cancer


There are so many times that I think about coming here and divulging the details of my life because I know that I need to. Words upon words well up in the crevices of my mind and it’s only here I am able to place them. 413 more words


What an Ordeal!

I had my planning session with the radiology oncologist today in preparation for getting radiation starting tomorrow. As usual, it’s a mixture of good and bad news. 417 more words