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I want to be sedated

5 AM, I woke to a whimper from the other room. I jumped up to see what was wrong. H was laying there in her bed, crying with no tears saying she couldn’t find me. 958 more words

Tumour microenvironment - glycosylation

Cancer research is increasingly focusing on the tumour microenvironment (TME). Several studies have shown that tumours depend on external signals for maintenance and expansion. It is therefore needed to have a deeper knowledge of the cross-talk between tumour cells in the stroma (fibroblasts, adipocytes, endothelial cells and macrophages) and their microenvironment, which also includes the study of interactions between cancer cells and cancer stem cells.  1,149 more words

Cancer Research

Penn-NIH team discover new type of cell movement.

For decades, researchers have used petri dishes to study cell movement. These classic tissue culture tools, however, only permit two-dimensional movement, very different from the three-dimensional movements that cells make in a human body. 823 more words


New biomarker highly promising for predicting breast cancer outcomes.

A protein named p66ShcA shows promise as a biomarker to identify breast cancers with poor prognoses, according to research published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Biology… 485 more words


Mapping Metastasis: Scientists Discover how Cancer Cells Colonize Distant Organs

How does cancer spread? How does it traverse from one organ to the next—often undetected—until it has colonized the far reaches of the human body? And more importantly, how can researchers stop this from happening? 615 more words


Blogging Bad (Fashion)

If you’re familiar with AMC’s drama Breaking Bad, you may have heard about a Columbian remake called Metastasis. The program began airing in  337 more words

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Snapshots of Life: Wild Outcome from Knocking Out Mobility Proteins

When biologists disabled proteins critical for cell movement, the result was dramatic. The membrane, normally a smooth surface enveloping the cell, erupted in spiky projections. This image, which is part of the… 346 more words