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Yesterday was supposed to be day one of my second round of chemo.

I had the routine blood test but my neutrophils were found to be too low: only 1.1.  777 more words

Happening Now

What Does "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" meant to you?

Before we all know it, Pinktober is going to rear its ugly head once again, and everywhere you look will be pink ribbons – from the grocery store, to chain restaurants and maybe a part of your downtown running path is now covered in… 1,841 more words

Breast Cancer

MBC Perks

1. I am on a first-name basis with all my doctors: Charlie, Gary and Larry.

2. I get to apply for a “disabled” parking sign. 260 more words

Advanced Breast Cancer

Telling my story one day at a time.

Hi, my name is Lesley and my goal is to live my life, authentically me.

I always thought I did this, however after being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and kicking the social media frenzy, I realized that I had no idea who “authentic Lesley” was. 357 more words


Here I sit.  Waiting for scan results.  It’s not much fun.  Somedays I handle it better than others.  I keep trying to look inward and make a guess as to what’s going on in my body.   235 more words

Breast Cancer

Liver Boots

 If you were to see my shoe rack you probably wouldn’t guess that I actually have a shoe fetish.
I admit it. I love shoes.  And footwear in general. 540 more words


Finding Equilibrium

“How do you do it?”  I hear it over and over again.  How do you live with a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer and continue to live your life in a positive and productive way?   413 more words

Breast Cancer