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OpenSimulator and SecondLife - FutureSpective

Speculation as to the direction and potential of Linden Lab’s SecondLife platform has never been too far from the minds of its end users or residence, not surprising of course as Linden Labs are a commercial entity and as such has a duty to publicise itself to some degree, but in this instance there is some real change on the horizon and so for this reason it may be a good time to take stock of both the SecondLife and OpenSimulator platform and see where it might all be heading. 4,430 more words


Time for a new avatar?

I’m still using the default av in RL.
I’ve modded it a few times over the years.
Been thinking about fixing it up a little. 9 more words

Danko Whitfield

Worlds of Westeros - an Interview with King Bandor Tyrell

Tonight is the opening night of the Worlds of Westeros , the roleplay multi regions done in the tradition of Game of Thrones.

Although life necessitates that I can not be at the opening ball in Sunspear, Dorne – I was able to sit with King Bandor Tyrell and find out more about Worlds of Westeros and how it came to arrive in InWorldz. 1,599 more words


Call for Artists for New Interactive/Subversive Gallery in Second Life

Dear readers,
Some of you may remember me as a veteran SL artist. I was a very active member of various SL art circles (ArthOle, Not Possible in Real Life, Brooklyn Is Watching, etc.) up until about two and a half years ago when my PC died. 179 more words


Welcome to the Metaverse!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Courtney of the Simonds clan and I’ll be your host and guide through the Metaverse and its Chronicles. I am the author of Everdark (Book 1 of the Daystar arc of Metaverse Chronicles) with world-building, character concepts and consultation by my husband Edward. 62 more words


Atek Grid Policy: No Right-Clicking

Unless you just got off the boat and this is your first day in OpenSim, you know the name Timothy Hoxley aka Timothy Rogers aka the Boss Man at… 716 more words


If It's Tuesday, This Must Be A Commercial Grid

Alex Avi-Labs, the avatar formerly known as Alex AviWorlds, announced this month that his new grid will be in the top ten on Hypergrid Business… 662 more words