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Paying The Freight Of Virtual Export

There is still discussion about how much the “Export Fee” should be in the virtual marketplace. This assumes there should be such a fee in the first place.  13 more words

Danko Whitfield

A Comment on Export Perms & Fees

There’s a thread on the Kitely Forums about the Export perm and how much it should cost. I posted the following Comment in that thread… 402 more words

Danko Whitfield

Tellers, Builders and Writers Of Story Gather Sunday On Kitely

Calling All Storytellers, StoryBuilders, Writers and RolePlayers!!!

The monthly gathering of the Devokan Storytellers group takes place Sunday, 10 August 2014 at 15:00 UTC in the world of Devokan on Kitely grid …4p UK…11a US ET…8a US PT… 122 more words

Danko Whitfield

Social Programming

Caitlin and I had dinner with my parents over the weekend and I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of their stories that in the past would have started with “I was talking to the other day,” now begin with “I saw on Facebook the other day that .” That’s not a meaningless difference. 348 more words


Faces of InWorldz - Anna Loom

It’s time for another resident interview and this time I harassed  talked to Anna Loom, one of my oldest friends in InWorldz. I met her through another friend of mine who used to own my sim before I took over.  816 more words


This Is It!

I wasn’t planning to change the look of this site, it just happened. I looked all through the WordPress theme templates and was even willing to spend some cash for once – if I found one that gave me the options I wanted. 187 more words

Danko Whitfield

OpenSimulator Developers...you are ROCKING my world!

My first steps into OpenSimulator testing and bug reporting have left me with sincere appreciation for the developers available for bug “assignment” (see image). There is… 30 more words