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KITTY QUICKY: 1602 posts, and still going strong!

Just a quick humble-brag on my part, but I had to share that this is post number 1602 on the blog. I’ve never consistently kept a diary, something I’ve always wanted to do, yet I’ve managed to keep this blog going since 2007. 101 more words

Second Life


In the study of physics there are many concepts which are very useful, easy-to-understand
and utterly impossible.
One of these is the instantaneous moment time T. 241 more words



Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! What the hell is going on here?
Stand up! Stand up! Next stop. Penn Station. Please exit to your right.
Alfred, Bertie, Gam and Delbert! 357 more words

Compound Art

Project Introduction: Project Moonjay

Ah Moonjay, a project that has been with me since 1998. This was my take on making the metaverse a reality. Heavily influenced by the textual descriptions of metaverse from Snowcrash, as well as LambdaMOO, X11 (X window system in general) and since then SecondLife, It is more doable now than ever of course, now that even mobile devices have excellent 3d support. 514 more words


Geekery: Gretel Goes Geek

Fairy tales don’t really have fandoms (do they?), but the shows and stories they spawn do. Recently Grimm is the most obvious example, followed by… 553 more words

How to get your brain to believe touching something

The Big Future: Can we build a virtual world?

The web is fine, but how do we get the internet we always wanted — a “real” space you can walk around in, like the Metaverse from Snow Crash? 146 more words

Virtual Reality

Lady Maerian - the Sidhevair Faelf in InWorldz

I had wanted to interview Lady Maerian Sidhevair for quite some time.

When I had first arrived in IW, and began wandering about, I had come across the Sidhevair lands  and was really impressed. 3,569 more words