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What is a Metaverse? - Part 2

If you haven’t read my first post on the Metaverse, waste a cool 45 seconds of your life before we head in any deeper. Read it yet? 544 more words

Dankoville on the move...

Last week I moved Dankoville to the new Tangle OS grid. I wrote about it on Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse…


Danko Whitfield

Dankoville On Tangle OS

Yup, I’m with ya. I’m lookin’ at that headline and I’m saying, “What the hell is that?”

When we last left our hero – that would be me – it was the end of August and he was shutting down Dankoville grid to tend to a very busy RL in the month of September and a tad beyond. 970 more words

Danko Whitfield

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

I looked over my shoulder during the last Hypergrid Safari tour and saw this.

It was a good day.

More pics from that tour here.

Virtual Worlds

OSgrid Info


We have new information on the recovery process. The array was not able to be rebuilt from the cloned drives due to logical partition errors so the recovery service has performed a full recovery, restoring everything to a single 6 tb drive that the engineer said should boot and that all the files are intact. 37 more words

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Hi folks, as some of you know I am an active user of metaverses and I've been a member of OSGrid since 2008. OSGrid had a catastrophic harddrive failure about a month ago and they are trying hard to recover, here is an update on their situation. All these are becoming very expensive and I'm here to ask for your help. Please donate any amount of money you can, you can even subscribe to donate a fixed amount of money every month. Here is the link where you can donate. http://www.osgrid.org/index.php/donate This money will be used to help paying the recovery and hosting costs. They are such a fantastic community and grid and they deserve all the best! Thanks!