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Top 8 songs that I don't literally understand but...

I’m just bored today so I think of the things I can post in my blog. I thought of my favorite songs that I don’t literally understand because I don’t know how to speak Korean or Chinese. 550 more words


Meteor Garden

TITLES: Liu Hsing Hua Yuan, Liu Xing Hua Yuan, Meteor Garden
YEAR: 2001
GENRE: Drama
LANGUAGE: Mandarin
CAST:  (main)

BARBIE HSU… 238 more words


Boys Before Flowers

TITLES:  Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden, Boys Over Flowers
YEAR: 2009
GENRE: Romance, Comedy
LANGUAGE: korean
COUNTRY: south korea
CAST:  (main)

LEE MIN HO… 196 more words


The rain reminds me of the love that has been celebrated and promised 13 long nostalgic years ago- unstoppable.


Couch Potato Moments: Meteor Garden Rewind

After exams, i thought i’d finally have time to breathe, and relax….i was wrong. :p It’s been raining PRs until date, i call them “beber mountains” LOL. 135 more words

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