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Heads up!

They will be visible from ALL OVER THE WORLD, and no you don’t need a telescope to view them! Just find somewhere as far from light pollution as you can, and stare up at the sky.

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Lyrids Meteor Shower 2014

Starting tonight and peaking next week on 22/23 April 2014 is our spring season’s best meteor shower, the Lyrids. It’s not nearly as dramatic as the Big Three meteor showers – the Perseids in mid-August, the Geminids in mid-December, and the Quadrantids in early January –  but dedicated meteorwatchers will catch glimpses of plenty of shooting stars overnight around or after midnight on 21/22 or 22/23 April. 322 more words


Meteor Showers: The What, How, Where, When, Why

What is a meteor shower?

A meteor shower is a display of meteors (or shooting stars) during which you see lots of them in the space of just a few hours. 503 more words


Falling Stars and Honors

Don’t be smart. Whatever you do, do NOT become someone who gets high honor marks and such because it’s going to bite you in the ass. 321 more words


March 16-31 Meteors

March continues the “doldrum” season of meteor observing. With no major showers active and sporadic activity at a minimum, this time of the year sees the lowest meteor rates. 264 more words


Meteor Activity Outlook for April 5-11, 2014

The Meteor Activity Outlook for the period 2014 February 15-21 has been posted by Bob Lunsford on the American Meteor Society website.

The Outlook has details on meteors from the  13 more words


Skydiver Has A Close Encounter With A Meteorite!

Wow! What are the chances of this happening?

This is the first time that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after its light goes out! 47 more words