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Duck And Cover For Martian Probes.

The comet Sliding Spring flew past Mars yesterday giving us our first view of a comet from a different planet.

The images weren’t available in time for this post, but the Hubble image above shows how it looked earlier in the year. 252 more words

Play And No Work

Bad Judge, Season 1, Episode 2: "Meteor Shower"

By Anubhuti Kumar

The latest installment in the misadventures of Judge Rebecca Wright proved just as fanciful and ridiculous as the first. This is not to say it did not garner laughs, but you really have to suspend logic and expectations to glean any enjoyment from the show. 522 more words


2014 Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks October 20 to 21

In 2014, the Orionid meter shower should peak between October 20 – 21. The best time for viewing the Orionid meteor shower  is between midnight (1 a.m. 70 more words


Sweeping the dust across our skies, Halley's Comet

Having been born the same year as Halley’s Comet last made its appearance in our skies, I’ll be lucky to still be alive the next time it comes around in 2061. 131 more words

What the Halley's going on?

Recently there was a slightly misleading headline splattered all over my facebook newsfeed suggesting Halley’s comet was returning! At first I thought it was just one newspaper – then I noticed that they all seem to be going with the same theme – see a comet 47 years early! 534 more words

Things To See And Do

Seeing Stars DIY Roundup

With all of the meteor showers, eclipses, and astrological phenomena happening recently it’s no wonder our heads are up in the exosphere! Inspired by above, we’ve been on the lookout for some of the coolest star DIYs in the galaxy, and we think we’ve spotted them!  99 more words