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The Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Early Next Week

You don`t have to be a meteorologist to enjoy a good meteor shower, but you will need dark skies and patience for November`s Leonid shower. This year`s viewing window promises to be nearly ideal, as a slight crescent Moon will still be below the horizon. 210 more words

Solar System

Of Dogs and Shooting Stars

There are several meteor showers that can be seen in mid-February: Alpha Hydrids, Alpha Carinids, Delta Velids, Alpha Centaurids, Omicron Centaurids, Theta Centaurids, February Leonids, and Deltlta Leonids. 517 more words

Meteor Showers and You.

Wrapped up in blankets and each other we stare toward the sky.

At 4AM, I’ll swear, this is a magic show—created, just for you and I. 84 more words

Sweeping the dust across our skies, Halley's Comet

Having been born the same year as Halley’s Comet last made its appearance in our skies, I’ll be lucky to still be alive the next time it comes around in 2061. 236 more words

Games Day Before Reading Week? Why Not!

You may have expected the Saturday before a week long Reading Period and the day before the Thanksgiving holiday to have been a hard sell for gaming, but if you know anything about gamers you’d know to guess again! 463 more words