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Meteor Showers and You.

Wrapped up in blankets and each other we stare toward the sky.

At 4AM, I’ll swear, this is a magic show—created, just for you and I. 84 more words

Sweeping the dust across our skies, Halley's Comet

Having been born the same year as Halley’s Comet last made its appearance in our skies, I’ll be lucky to still be alive the next time it comes around in 2061. 236 more words

Games Day Before Reading Week? Why Not!

You may have expected the Saturday before a week long Reading Period and the day before the Thanksgiving holiday to have been a hard sell for gaming, but if you know anything about gamers you’d know to guess again! 463 more words


Share Your World 2014 - Week 36

Every week, Cee’s Photography does a Share Your World challenge, where questions are asked and participants give their answers. I thought I’d give it a go! 490 more words

Share Your World

words - about meteors

A few weeks ago I was out walking my dog around 10:00 at night near the beach when I suddenly looked up….to witness something super bright shooting above my head at lightening speed…

309 more words

Meteor Showers and Ghosts

I remember one night, while living in the California desert, watching a meteor shower rain down from the dark sky. One of the best places to watch meteor showers. 128 more words