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Geology Lecture: Treasures from Space by Dr Caroline Smith

Chance and a fascination for discovery brought a young geologist to the Natural History Museum – she now looks after the oldest specimens in the collection. 240 more words

Dorset County Museum


Comet with no ice and no tail ?

They have sent messages only the elite are privy to, means someone knew they would be coming and prepared for this moment. 167 more words


From Science Daily: "Martian meteorite yields more evidence of the possibility of life on Mars"

Science Daily

September 15, 2014
Source: Manchester University
Katie Brewin/Aeron Haworth
Media Relations Officer
The University of Manchester

A tiny fragment of Martian meteorite 1.3 billion years old is helping to make the case for the possibility of life on Mars, say scientists. 530 more words

Basic Research

Meorite hunting and listening

I’m gonna level with you. Meteors are pretty darn cool. Here we have material from who knows where, either from the remnants of dead stars or thrown to us from who knows where. 576 more words

Listen For Meteors

ECHO and the BUNNYMEN - " Holy Moses " Live on Letterman

with their new album “Meteorites” and a number of live shows in the UK and USA  the Bunnymen performed the song “Holy Moses” on Letterman Show


August Birthstone: Peridot

What does it look like?

What is it?

This month’s birthstone is another structure we have met before. It is a form of Olivine, (Mg,Fe)2SiO4, which we saw… 409 more words

Mineral Structures

FRom SPACE.com: "Roof-Crashing Meteorite Linked to Giant Impact that Made the Moon"


August 19, 2014
Elizabeth Howell

A meteorite that crashed into a California house in 2012 can be traced back to the giant impact that formed Earth’s moon 4.5 billion years ago, a new study reveals. 441 more words

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