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From ESA: "Preparing For an Asteroid Strike"

European Space Agency

18 December 2014
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ESA and national disaster response offices recently rehearsed how to react if a threatening space rock is ever discovered to be on a collision course with Earth. 861 more words

Applied Research & Technology


The Geminid meteors should,be making their appearance over the weekend.  Hoping for a good show!



How To Find Micrometeorites In Your Home | IFLScience

After reading How To Find Micrometeorites In Your Home | IFLScience, my Geekdar (geeky radar) spiked to the ultimate level. I can’t wait to start hunting with my nerdy self!

Geeky Innovation

From SPACE.com: "Space Diamonds in Gold Country: California Meteorite's Secrets Revealed"


December 10, 2014
Elizabeth Howell

A meteorite that crashed down in California’s gold country is showing off treasures of a different sort: small diamonds that could tell scientists more about the insides of asteroids. 580 more words

Basic Research

Biogenesis: how did life get started?

Early next year I have been invited to give a talk on biogenesis. How life gets started is of interest, because now we know there are a number of planets around other stars, if we know how it can get started, we can know whether life could or should form on a given planet. 719 more words

Assault By Meteorite

The next time you settle in for a cozy nap, you may not want to think about today’s post. Why? 34-year-old Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama had been feeling a bit under the weather, so she decided to take a nap on her living room sofa. 822 more words