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NEOs, impact hazards and warnings.

So for my next super regular blog update..it has only been two and a half years..don’t judge me! *cough* I think I shall say something about the recent meteor strike in Russia, if you haven’t seen the footage you’re probably living under a rock ( 433 more words

"I thought I had a meteorite!"

I’m baaa-aaaaccckkkkk! So I took a small hiatus for a few months. I was “dating” someone. In no way was this a strictly monogomous relationship, or really a relationship at all….he was more like a really boring version of a best friend. 794 more words


How the dinosaurs reacted to the meteorites

“What’s up with Bronto?”
“He saw a meteorite and thought the world was going to end.”
Kind of lame joke, but I enjoyed painting this very much. 93 more words


Twinkle Twinkle Lil Stars! Part 3

Here’s the final product of our space art! After doing the background. I cut up white sticker labels to let them paste the ‘astronaut’ suit and gave them other alien and space related stickers to create their own space story. 166 more words


Mysterious, Giant Crater Appears in Siberia

Scientists are scratching their heads about an 80-meter-wide hole recently discovered in a remote part of Siberia called Yamal (which means “end of the world.”) 166 more words


The public, bless 'em

The Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory (CML) is comprised of Alex Ruzicka, Melinda Hutson, Dick Pugh, and an ever varying group of students.  Between the three of us (Alex, Melinda, and Dick), we get e-mails, letters, and phone calls from 5-12 people per day asking if they’ve found a meteorite.  545 more words

Curiosity Rover discovers massive meteorite on Mars


NASA’s Curiosity Rover has stumbled upon its first meteorite on Mars and at 7 feet wide, it’s a pretty impressive discovery.