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Comment on "Timescales for detecting a significant acceleration in sea level rise" by Haigh, et al

This regards an article in Nature Communications, specifically:

I. D. Haigh, T. Wahl, E. J. Rohling, R. M. Price, C. B. Pattiaratchi, F. M. Calafat, S.Dangendorf, “Timescales for detecting a significant acceleration in sea level rise”, …

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Slight Risk: 4/21/14

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a Slight Risk for parts of Texas.

Associated with the Slight Risk is a 2% Tornado Threat Ring. 454 more words

Slight Risk

Muddy Water, Meteorology and Perfection

I once heard an older, much wiser man than me say that, “in order to get muddy water clear, leave it alone.” I must say that I readily agree with this premise. 308 more words


Rainy days

I like rainy days, they’re contemplative, sweetly melancholic, cozy even, as long as, beforehand, there have been enough sunshine and happy days to give me a reserve to draw on. 47 more words

L’interpretazione dei prodotti dei modelli meteorologici

Nei due post precedenti abbiamo visto come un modello meteorologico risolva numericamente le principali equazioni fisiche, e di quali tipi di dati abbia bisogno per essere inizializzato. 4,497 more words



A newly formed creek flowed from west to east in a zig-zag pattern across my backyard.  The back fence was separated by a narrow isthmus of dry land.   174 more words

Morning Glory Cloud

By Garry Benson

In Northern Australia, between September and November, an extraordinary phenomenon of unparalleled beauty occurs: the Morning Glory Cloud.

If the weather situation is calm, every morning when the sun rises, a wave-shaped cloud, 1.6 to 3.2 kilometres high and 600 to 1,000 kilometres, i.e, that it fills the horizon, moving at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour. 216 more words