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Meteorology: Misnomer?

Hello and welcome back to yet another week of delightful deceptions and pleasant prevarications here at Factually Deficient!

This week, I would like to address a question asked by one… 373 more words

Blatant Lies

from the north

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haiku: Modern Haiku 45.2


AMAZING Snowflakes under a Microscope!

Tis the season to be cold and frosty! Here are some real photographs I took under my microscope in last year’s big cold snowfall. Enjoy the wonder of these amazing crystal structures!


Tornado Warning for Pacific County in WA

Very active today in portion of southwest WA State with an unstable atmosphere leading to the developing of thunderstorms. And now a tornado warning (as of this post) was issued at ~9 am PST for Pacific County, WA along the South WA Coast. 43 more words


LOCAL VIEW ---Thanksgiving storms---Calgary and Boston

Temperatures have risen overnight, as we get a brief breather from winter weather. As the cold high pressure sags out to sea to our south milder air is swung north on its west side and east over its top, and it is ten degrees warmer in Northern Vermont than down in Virginia. 637 more words

New England Weather

Sports Event Weather Forecasts: NU Cornhusker, UW Huskies, Seattle Seahawks games

Meant to do this last night, but didn’t have the time. So here are some quick forecasts for today and tomorrow’s games!

23 Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. 110 more words


On Noctilucent, or Night-Shining Clouds

Living in Singapore, a highly urbanized island-state situated almost right smack on the Equator means that I don’t get to witness much astronomical or meteorological phenomena. 160 more words