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Off the record.

Those who know me, know I rarely get down about life with D. I accept the ups, the downs and all the daily struggles that come with living with this condition 24/7. 413 more words

A Quick Guide to Measuring Volume

I swear to you once you understand volume it’s like a revelation.

Here are some things you want to know before we go on:


Just doing their jobs

Re: Meter madness, by Carolyn Thompson, Aug. 16.

I am very disappointed with the City of Windsor for contracting out the parking enforcement team to commissionaires. 209 more words


Take your ticket to court

Re: Meter madness, by Carolyn Thompson, Aug. 16.

The city has every right to collect overdue parking fines. The parking enforcement people are doing their jobs and put up with arrogant drivers and excuses everyday. 141 more words


Do something about silly parking tickets

Re: Meter madness, by Carolyn Thompson, Aug. 16.

Today’s Windsor Star featured an article about parking tickets. I think something has to be done.

On Monday night of the fireworks, June 23, we were given a parking ticket and so were all the people who parked near Wyandotte Street West around Dougall Avenue. 254 more words


Cities Say New Meters Help Residents Monitor Water Usage

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – When your bank account shows you’re running low on cash, you can cut back on your spending. When you get close to your data limit, chances are you stop streaming all those cat videos. 599 more words