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my amazon recommendations are getting a little weird...

Apparently both Amazon and my dad think that meth dealer is my best case scenario…


Meth Arrests In Carroll County

A traffic stop led to a drug bust in Carroll County.

According to the Sherrif’s Office, deputies pulled over a vehicle in the 100 block of State Road around 8:30 p.m. 73 more words


12-15-14 Monday Morning Cup, Staying Sober Just for Today.

So as the challenging days of staying clean begin to collect and gather we start to live another way we call sobriety. No, its enough to just stay clean, we must change our lives as well. 239 more words


I’m No Walter White

I may have just committed a crime.

I scored some Sudafed last night, and I’m kind of expecting a visit from a DEA agent.

I’ve had a cold and I believe my cold remedy purchases have exceeded the legal limit. 734 more words

My Ocean

Drowing inside this giant ocean made up of all my pain &depresseiom been inside this ocean so long i forgot what dry land feels like been floating &drowning at the same time tired of kicking my feet tried to swim out but further &further I got from the shore every time I got close ready to plant my feet on the sand finally able to walk away no it never let me reach was only a few steps away ready to finally give it up but na I always got pulled all the way back everytime it took me further &further out couldn’t even see land no more nothing but this giant ocean full of my pain &depression surrounding me pulling me down keeping m down never letting me reach a little happiness. 618 more words


Bureau 39 and methamphetamine in North Korea

Image by Roman Harak

By Brave New World

North Korea has been linked to large scale state sponsored drug production and international trafficking since it’s loss of economic aid from the Soviet Union in 1991. 596 more words