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Dirty South: Meth Head Calls Cops on Self - 'My Meth is Laced'

Nothing is as good these days as it was when we were younger.  Heck, even a “value” meal at McDonald’s these days will run you over an eight-spot.  293 more words

Dirty South

Woman Complains to Cops About Laced Meth, Gets Arrested for Meth

Lynette Rae Sampson bought some meth in Oklahoma that she suspected had been laced with a foreign substance, according to the ENID News. So, naturally, she called the cops to complain about the impure “ice.“ After arriving at Sampson’s house, the cops followed her as she showed them several places in her home where she had meth stashed. 27 more words


Support Groups

I wanted to stop using meth so many times. I went to a few Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) meetings, but they just weren’t for me. Personally, I found the meetings more depressing than helpful. 435 more words

From Palliative to Pastime - How North Korea Became a Real Life Breaking Bad


If you’ve yet to jump on the Breaking Bad bandwagon, without giving away any spoilers, the show is centred on high school chemistry teacher who, having been hit with the news that he has terminal cancer, turns to cooking/dealing meth as a way to earn enough money to see his family right after he’s gone.

Pawtucket Man Arrested for Cooking Meth in Newport Hotel Room

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A Pawtucket man pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to charges of manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine after a meth lab was discovered and dismantled in a Newport motel room in January.  262 more words

Local News

Journal: The Surge Protector of the Dead


Down the street from where I live in Waterloo.  There was a little garage next to a farm field.  This was once the home location of my now drummer Sean.  2,207 more words

Q&A - Fade

The ever prolific Ukrainian producer Fade has had a pretty big year with a slew of releases across a bunch of labels. His latest venture sees him releasing a full album of collaborations on his own Faded Music imprint, and the quality remains as high as ever. 519 more words

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