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Methane Surprise!

This week, the internet is full of the discovery of an unexpected methane “hotspot” in the Four Corners region of the United States. A hotspot, in this context, is an unusually high concentration of the gas in one particular area–the highest such concentration in the country, although there are several other such hotspots elsewhere on the planet. 653 more words

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Oh Damn. NASA just found a 2,500 sq. mi. cloud of methane hovering over the Four Corners. It is caused by "leaks" in drilling.

New Mexico’s natural gas producers have just created the country’s largest greenhouse gas disaster in the United States.   You can’t smell it or see it from the ground, but NASA scientists just announced that “leaks” from natural gas producers in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin have created a 2,500 square-mile cloud of methane hovering over the Four Corners. 265 more words


What Goes on Here: Oct. 17

By Mollie Putzig

Leaks cause methane hotspot

The methane hotspot found over the Four Corners region wasn’t caused by coal or fracking alone, according to… 144 more words

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Tar Pits - Los Angeles

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Environment TV NEWS ALERT: EPA Deadline December 1, 2014 Defining "Clean Energy"

Public Comment Deadline
December 1, 2014

Redefining Nuclear Power and Methane
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NIRS comment page to the EPA:

If you want to read all 162 pages and comment directly to the EPA, go to… 9 more words