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Argentina Scientists Are Now Attaching Backpacks To Collect Cow Farts

Scientists in Argentina may have just the answer to combat global warming.

With cows being responsible for up to 25 percent of the methane gas released in the US each year, a group of scientists at Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology is now attaching backpacks to cows to collect the animals’…farts. 75 more words


Maryland agencies that ignore studies linking fracking to explosive methane levels in water wells are on a par with climate-change deniers.

That’s according to a Duke University scientist who urged state regulators to take a “cautious” approach and protect people living near fracking wells with 1-kilometer buffers. 1,027 more words

The President’s Methane Reduction Strategy – Here’s What Energy Companies Need to Know

President Obama recently released a Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions (Strategy) that sets forth a multi-pronged plan for reducing methane emissions both domestically and globally.  Domestically, the plan is to focus on four sources of methane—the oil and gas sector, coal mines, agriculture and landfills—and to pursue a mix of regulatory actions with respect to those sources.  364 more words

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In The Long Term We Are All Dead

As many people have expected the process of fracking releases much more methane into the atmosphere than official figures credit. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows how researchers used an aircraft to collect information about atmospheric methane concentrations and measured them.

Climate Change

White House addresses methane emissions with new plan

Whether you believe in or are a critic of global warming, greenhouse or methane emissions continue to rise.   The Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Interior, Energy and Agriculture are developing new standards in emissions to be implemented during the next two years.   45 more words

Environmentally friendly camels

Cows and sheep exhale considerable amounts of methane when digesting. Until now, the assumption has been that camels produce the same amount of the climate-damaging gas. 175 more words

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