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Methane under pressure - the strange co-incidence of methane B

Hello, Helen here – coordinator of the blog.  As we look to the ‘sprint finish’ to the end of the year I thought I would right about a structure that I’m personally connected too – in fact it got me a PhD! 410 more words


Farts on Mars

While driving around on the 4th rock from the sun, the Curiosity has discovered something surprising. No, not further evidence that Mars, at one point, had standing lakes, we already knew that more or less. 261 more words


Mars has gas, and Curiosity finds organic matter -- fuzzy signs of life?

(CNN) — It could be a sign, a vague one.

A NASA rover has found the building blocks of life on Mars. They might be the product of past or present life on the Red Planet — or they might not be. 469 more words


NASA Has Found The First Possible Sign Of Life On Mars, And It Smells Like Farts

Mars, we’re discovering, is a strange place. We’ve spent more than a decade having an adorable robot tool around the surface, and in that time, we’ve found… 226 more words


Curiosity catches a whiff of methane on Mars—and a possibility of past life

NASA has revealed that a whiff of methane has been detected twice in the last couple of years at the Martian surface by the Curiosity Rover… 669 more words

Farts on Mars

Nasa’s Curiosity Rover has detected low levels of methane gas on Mars punctuated by much larger short-term spikes in methane levels suggesting the presence of life on the Red Planet – … 14 more words


Letter From New York 12 17 14 Up to ourselves...

It is dark and drear here in the Hudson Valley. The temperature is relatively mild but seems much colder due to the damp. Across the creek, wisps of fog play through the barren tree branches. 526 more words

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