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How to Quit Fossil Fuel in a Few Simple Steps!

By now, most people reading these words probably know why getting off fossil fuel is important, but you might not really know how. It is difficult, and getting off fossil fuel entirely probably requires the collective effort of a whole community (or enough money to build your own personal infrastructure, as some off-the-grid enthusiasts do). 1,411 more words

Climate Science

Widespread Methane Leakage Oxidizing Into CO2

Widespread methane leakage from the sea floor on the northern US Atlantic margin.

“In an area between North Carolina and Massachusetts, they have now found at least 570 seeps at varying depths between 50m and 1,700m. 112 more words


The Atlantic is leaking methane - but researchers say there's no cause for alarm

We’ve seen all this before, but there is a twist this time, the authors of the paper are dialing back the alarm a bit.

“…authigenic carbonates observed imply that emissions have continued for more than 1,000 years at some seeps.” 440 more words


Numerous methane leaks found on Atlantic sea floor

By Eric Hand

And up through the ground came a bubbling greenhouse gas. Researchers have discovered 570 plumes of methane percolating up from the sea floor off the eastern coast of the United States, a surprisingly high number of seeps in a relatively quiescent part of the ocean. 727 more words


Methane Hydrate melting

Not good news, I am afraid, and these bad tidings may be simply a precursor of worse tidings to come. First I should explain the background. 277 more words

Climate Change

100s of Methane Plumes Along East Coast

In an unexpected discovery, hundreds of gas plumes bubbling up from the seafloor were spotted during a sweeping survey of the U.S. Atlantic Coast.

Even though ocean explorers have yet to test the gas, the bubbles are almost certainly  977 more words


Methane Threat


The bible says that, the second time, the earth will be destroyed by fire.  Maybe this is nuclear, or maybe it is this methane danger?


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