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Never Write Off Something As Worthless

There is a wonderful story about Henry Ford, the world famous car manufacturer, most noted for his mass produced Model T Ford.

He was out walking with his grandson one day when the boy picked up a coin from the path, looked at it and then threw it down again, remarking that it was not worth very much. 156 more words

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The Courage of Louise Braille

The young teacher sighed. It was hard to discover a system that would enable blind people to ‘read’.

Louis Braille knew only too well the frustration of trying to learn anything when books and documents were unseen. 196 more words

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Mayans and coffee and pupusas, oh my! (El Salvador Part 3)

This will be part 3 of the El Salvador story, from Friday afternoon to when we left Monday. If you missed any of the others, you can read part one… 1,439 more words

Reforming a Nation

John Wesley’s political views are documented among pamphlets, sermons, and the works of biographers, but they are not necessarily as well-known as other aspects of his life. 661 more words

10 ways to improve your church's hospitality

It’s a stereotype that’s been around for about as long as dear old Agnes who falls asleep in the second pew every Sunday – churches don’t do hospitality well. 726 more words

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Lay Reflection with Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 by Juan Ramirez


The Wisdom of Solomon concluded by stating that the whole duty of man was to observe God’s commands, but it was in Jesus of Nazareth that we found the method to fulfill our duty.

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