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Food for Thought-After Imagine No Malaria-Imagine No More Manufactured Ministry

I am a malaria survivor. I know what the fevers, shakes, and fear do to the human body.  For these reasons, I am especially supportive of Methodism’s call for the world to “Imagine No Malaria”. 286 more words

Food For Thought

An Interfaith Statement of Support for Muslims in Dallas

The following was the interfaith statement read at yesterday’s gathering. Dozens of clergy from all traditions stood with us, as this statement was read.

An Interfaith Statement… 560 more words

Angels And Pins

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to "The Kingdom" - Part 2

Although I wouldn’t have been able to articulate it at the time, I can see now that my concept of “The Kingdom” was formulated in the Nazarene church of the early 1970’s.   1,152 more words

Putney Methodist Church


The current Methodist congregation in Putney can be said to have been founded in March 1865, with previous communities formed in the 1840s having by then died out. 643 more words


Why I'm United Methodist: Come As You Are.

Back in the day, when I was maybe middle school-ish age, I did the confirmation thing at my United Methodist Church, the one I had been at since I was a baby. 1,378 more words

Music and Spirituality

Good evening, and here we are again.

I wanted to focus on the power of music in the growth of spirituality within each of us today. 470 more words

Are you sure......?

I once saw a lawyer use that simple question to kill progress by three engineers completing a production task. They were in fact 100% correct in their approach but once the doubt was sown they were lost – confidence gone, no easy way to check their facts, each blaming the other for the “mistake”, none prepared to move ahead again. 356 more words