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Top 10 things to Remember When Studying Abroad

If you’ve already studied abroad, or are nearing your study abroad adventure, I’m almost positive that you have received advice from everyone you encountered six months prior to actually studying abroad. 517 more words


#1,166 - Lambda Expression Syntax

A lambda expression is composed of:

  • A parameter list with variable names, representing 0 or more parameters
  • A lambda operator:  =>  (read as “goes to”)
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Autonomous in situ measurements of seawater alkalinity

Total alkalinity (AT) is an important parameter for describing the marine inorganic carbon system and understanding the effects of atmospheric CO2 on the oceans. Measurements of AT are limited, however, because of the laborious process of collecting and analyzing samples. 157 more words


Commonly used methods to prevent failure of cone Crusher

cone Crusher high output, fine particle size, particle shape, well received by users. But in practice, due to the harsh conditions of production, materials, processes, parts, aging and the impact of human factors, various inevitable failure of… 271 more words

Crusher Machine

Writing prompt: I’ve never seen one, but how hard could it be?”

Time: 7 minutes. Click here to go to my list of prompts.

“I’ve never seen one, but how hard could it be?” (This prompt inspired by the Erie Canal, built by four men who hadn’t even seen a canal when they set out to build one.) 217 more words


Lesson 3A - Defining Methods

We discussed in Lesson 1 that methods are actions that an object performs. In this lesson we will learn how to define methods and use them. 191 more words