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What the f...

Fractions are one of those topics that can be a real struggle to teach. I have actually heard teachers refer to them as the “f word”. 417 more words


Memory - Narratives & Reality

Although memory is surely a temporal phenomenon, these metaphors tend to transform the temporal into the spatial and are intensely visual. Layers are excavated, veils lifted, screens removed.

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Compass Method Cards.

During my internship in the International Training Centre of the ILO I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate¬†on the creation of the Compass Card Decks… 223 more words


API Protection with OpenIG: Controlling access by methods

Usually, one of the first thing you want to do when securing APIs is to only allow specifics calls to them. For example, you want to make sure that you can only read to specific URLs, or can call PUT but not POST to other ones. 352 more words


KeyLisenter, repaint(), methods

Ok, I have been workinng of mending this for the past hour or more. I wanted to seperate the player class and the applet being drawn for convience when I add more to the player class it will be more organized. 411 more words

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The Learning Tangram.

What kind of shape is learning?
How can learning be shaped?
The learning tangram is an easy visual tool to reflect about learning.
Learning tangram invites you to sit calmly and reflect about the relationship between learning and space in a playful way. 406 more words

jQuery-Producing effects

In my jQuery journey so far, I have learned how to use jQuery methods to produce dynamic effects. This area covers Hiding elements, Toggling elements, Sliding elements, Fading content, Animating elements, Stopping animations and Handling queues.