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Memories That Don't Fade

First, I should say, this is potentially triggering for loss. Which is an ironic thing to say because I’m writing it because I’ve found myself triggered a lot lately. 975 more words

P: Pars planitis

Pars planitis is the term my eye doc uses to generally describe my eye condition because he really has no clue if its sarcoidosis or something else.   369 more words

Chronic Illness

M: Medication

I hate the fact that I require chemicals ingested into my body on a daily basis to live a pain-free, comfortable life.  I have this fantasy (a goal, actually) that I can get off of the meds in 10 years.   502 more words

Chronic Illness

last day off in my nice three day stretch. 

last night i was pretty depressed. i had an awesome sunday but came home to my dad screaming about me. 367 more words

Breaking out of the hospital ...

I am happy to say that Deb was discharged from Stanford Hospital late Tuesday afternoon.  She was so glad to come to the lovely townhouse we are renting, and not be disturbed with beeps, taking vitals every 4 hours, etc.  301 more words

Health Update

H: Help (!)

It is very difficult to ask for help.  Especially in the beginning.  I was 23.  But my body was so weakened by my infection that I basically had no choice.   233 more words

Chronic Illness

monday funday...

oh my gosh. this day. smh. 

I was able to get back on track with advocare and get down the nastiest fiber drink ever….. waited about an hour or so and then I used the toilet 4 times. 188 more words