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...and then I ruptured.

As I mentioned in the last post, methotrexate – the drug used to treat cancer patients – is a slow process.

For me it wasn’t particularly painful.  818 more words

Ectopic Pregnancy

Round One

It’s officially been a week since I’ve had my first treatment. They decided to start things off with an oldie but goodie, Methotrexate. That lovely neon orange yellow liquid that is the gift that keeps on giving. 369 more words


Friday the 13th…

In the ER, alone.

No food, no water. No IV, just an IV access in my arm. They wouldn’t let me eat or drink because of the .00001% chance I may need surgery. 542 more words

Ectopic Pregnancy

From hope to hell.

I became a human pin cushion. I looked like a damn junkie. Both arms had ‘track marks’ from the blood work every couple of days. … 695 more words

Ectopic Pregnancy

I’ve been in a fair amount of pain the past week to two weeks.

When I make a fist with both hands my joints closest to my knuckles feel so stiff and swollen even though they don’t look swollen. 85 more words

Back at the beginning?

Not really sure what’s going on but I’m in a lot of pain lately. The docs answer is to put me on a couple weeks worth of the dreaded steroid I’m finally off of. 184 more words

Random News

Switching RA Medicines – Don’t Wait Too Long or Try Too Many

I’ve been on seven – count them – seven different biologic medicines since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I started with several anti-TNF biologics and then moved to several others even bouncing back to try another anti-TNF before eventually trying Rituxan. 113 more words