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Long, winding road - my lupus journey #10

With rheumatologist #3, communications generally went well. But anti-dsDNA never went down and I still had lots of swollen joints, pain, and flare-ups. And my call for short term prednisone increased. 698 more words


Dermatomyositis named and shamed

My specialist; propaganda desciete and lies

My specialist rhuematologist Doctor Gendi who work out of Basildon hospital, lied to me and deceived me for 18 months with regards to my dermatomyositis, he went solely on my CK levels and told me that my dermatomyositis was in remission. 158 more words

Auto Immune Disease

RA Drugs-Methotrexate

I take my 10 little pills of methotrexate on Sunday afternoon.  I put the ten 2.5 mg tablets in a little white bowl.  I take them over a 4-5 hour period.  304 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Just another methotrexate Monday

Monday, 11 August 2014, 9:57 a.m.

Life is going on as usual and I’ve settled into my maintenance routine fairly well–except the second Monday after I started it and I forgot to take my methotrexate. 192 more words

Dermatomyositis rash VS medication rash

Red blisters that itch and weep, that drive you insane before they go a multitude of colours; red, pink, purple and brown. They take months to heal, then start to itch again and flake. 243 more words

Auto Immune Disease


Non-patients like to ask why.  They like to say that they saw this person with IBD do something remarkable.  They like to point out that this other one didn’t let IBD slow them down.   704 more words


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Me and Methotrexate

Where do I begin? I haven’t been writing to be honest because I’ve been so depressed. Some may wonder why? I can’t honestly give a reason. 228 more words