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Clouds Backlit by the Moon

Sadly on the night of the 14th, clouds obscured the lunar eclipse at my house. I had hoped to watch and make some nice images. Oh well. 110 more words

Methow Valley

Sage Buttercups

Found these beauties at Golden Doe yesterday. Scoured Lewis Butte today and found only tiny yellow bells struggling in the cold wind.

Lower elevation + warmth = more flowers…who knew? :-)



…April Fool’s!

It is a preview of what’s hidden under the frozen ground.


One Man's Junk

…is another’s opportunity for sculpture. This is a permanent installation of yard art on 5 acres. I admire their imagination.


Two Old Houses

Wandering this afternoon in the Rendezvous looking for bluebirds…


Unknown Plant

Anyone know what this is? It is hearty (it’s still freezing at night) and fast growing on a dry south facing road cut. I’m guessing it is a weed. 15 more words


Fence Lichen

Good day for a walk up past 8 Mile on the Chewuch to check out the road. This fence is at Indian Hill Ranch on the still snow covered snowmobile trail.