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The Dance of Spirit

This schematic organizes the key concepts in this book into a coherent structure. Visualizing each idea in this form allows me to better understand the relationship between consciousness and unconsciousness, being and death, and self and non-self, and where each concept falls in the spectrum. 153 more words


Can a person be called 'a step' like in this paragraph?

He had already gotten his hands on the latest evidence. That was a good start, but only a start. Lots of hard work was still left.

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Spitballing (Visual Literacy)

Metaphor: Jesus. Okay. Usually I’m the queen of metaphors. Really long, drawling metaphors that usually spin out of proportion and lose track of what they were trying to explain in the first place, and that probably sound like absolute nonsense to anyone not present for the entire conversation. 570 more words

Art 245

Metonymy: Jason Aldean, Night Train

I got a blanket and a fifth of comfort.

MET]Aldean Night Train from Ed DeHoratius on Vimeo.


The comfort in the fifth of comfort can go two ways, one very literal, one more figurative and metonymic. 62 more words


Creeley's Pieces

Had a brief (5 min) but good (very) discussion in my afternoon section of this bit from Robert Creeley’s Pieces.

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Two locust trees

To broaden our discussion of parts of speech, their places and powers, we read two versions of a poem by William Carlos Williams, “The Locust Tree in Flower.” One goes this way. 346 more words