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Having a body entails a sense of this relationship

“Metonymy, like metaphor, is thought by some to be a part of our innate language faculty – and an even greater foundational aspect of a human being’s natural cognitive abilities. 84 more words


Student work: 80 Flowers poems

The danger on all sides with this exercise was Staying On Topic. Some of the ones below manage to get gorgeously off-topic once and again. Others stick to a putative topic but the texture and resonance of the language exceeds all topicality.  502 more words


Exercise: LZ's word-flowers

This one came in three parts — a reading assignment, a journal assignment, a writing assignment. The first two meant (along with an in-class introduction to metonymy) (in which I promised we’d use the word more broadly than it usually is) (all language I do think it is metonymic just as all of it’s metaphoric) as robust prep for the third. 386 more words


The Dance of Spirit

This schematic organizes the key concepts in this book into a coherent structure. Visualizing each idea in this form allows me to better understand the relationship between consciousness and unconsciousness, being and death, and self and non-self, and where each concept falls in the spectrum. 153 more words

The Spirit

Can a person be called 'a step' like in this paragraph?

He had already gotten his hands on the latest evidence. That was a good start, but only a start. Lots of hard work was still left.

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