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My earliest memory is of a girl smaller than I was dying in my mother’s arms. Or at least this must’ve been my earliest memory, because my mother’s arms, which held the dying girl — the daughter of her friend — and my mother’s hands, which prepared the little girl for burial, always brought me the comfort and the maternal smell I associated with death. 39 more words



“Border crisis” may be the noun phrase of the American moment. Not too long ago, I looked at the origin of crisis in a different border battle. 583 more words


American political institutions love to sit.

Committees have chairs. Congressional chambers have seats. Courts have benches. Presidents have, well, desks.

They also love metonymy, that “figure of speech in which a thing is represented by something closely associated with it” (Drury, … 473 more words

*sekw- (part ii)

Last post, we saw how *sekw-, a Proto-Indo-European root for “follow,” makes for a surprising connection between such words as soccersectarian… 774 more words

Synesis, Metonymy and the FIFA World Cup

I was asleep during last night’s dramatic World Cup game between Portugal and USA which ended in a 2-2 draw thanks to an equaliser in injury time from Portugal. 449 more words



Hypallage (hy-pal’-la-ge): Shifting the application of words. Mixing the order of which words should correspond with which others. Also, sometimes, a synonym for metonymy (see Quintilian). 59 more words

Figures Of Speech

Who's in the room? Metaphors I teach by

My daughter opened her bedroom door this morning, and with it a world of opportunities. She’d snatched at the handle before but never quite managed to turn it. 3,202 more words

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