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Is Your Curriculum Working? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Comm0015: Blog Post 1: Tools and sources

Mark Zuckerberg must have seen me coming. I don’t know exactly when his plan to become the internet was hatched, but he has definitely succeeded in my household. 297 more words

COM0015 - Applied Social Media For Business

GDELT - a humongous approach

Saw an announcement today that Google has opened up use of the GDELT database. This is a global dataset that tracks worldwide data back to 1979. 44 more words


Social Media Content That Gets Attention [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic explains why organizations should use content marketing, what type of content has the best return on investment (ROI), and the metrics organizations should track.  15 more words

Some quality metrics that helped my teams

I’ve been asked the question “what are the best metrics to improve software quality?” (or similar) a million times, this blog post is a selfish time saver, you are probably reading this because you asked me a similar question and I sent you here. 358 more words

Software Development

Week Four // Search Engine Optimization

Personally, I feel as though the term ‘search engine optimization’ evokes a certain amount of trepidation from most marketers. As pointed out in the article ‘ 290 more words