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Attention metrics for academic articles: are they any use?

Why do bibliometrics and altmetrics matter? They are sometimes considered to be measures of attention (see a great post on the Scholarly Kitchen about this), and they attract plenty of attention themselves in the academic world, especially amongst scholarly publishers and academic libraries. 547 more words


Cyclomatic method complexity is a scam

Thomas McCabe’s 1976 paper A Complexity Measure  suggests that we can “measure” the complexity of a program by counting the branch points. Later authors “show” that McCabe’s number correlates strongly with program size, and that it is therefore worthless. 420 more words


ImpactStory: A new way to track individual article metrics

UPDATE: ImpactStory is not free, as I first thought, they currently have a 30 day free trail, then the cost is $45/year.

Its clear that judging a researchers output purely on the impact/quality of the journal they do/don’t publish is not always the best way to accurately judge individual achievement and output. 249 more words


Drunk Networking in Heels

Today’s rant is brought to you by the fact that I hate high heels.

OK, so I have become more and more careful about my networking time. 430 more words


How to measure habitability

I have argued that in order to measure the habitability of a codebase, we should focus on attempting to measure how well the code conforms to the  472 more words


Reputation Management

Last week we went over different examples of how a well-oiled social media team can mitigate disaster from a reputation standpoint.  We also reviewed how a botched attempt at controlling a social narrative can be exponentially harmful. 791 more words

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Planning for a productive retrospective - 4 steps to better learning

We’ve all been there before – a project that hasn’t gone so well: over budget, late, not meeting everyone’s expectations (project death marches springs to mind).   716 more words