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#em12c Metrics - Part 3: Breakdown of Metrics using Repository Views

With my previous post on the “All Metrics” page breakdown in Enterprise Manager I talked about the collected, aggregated, and available information on metrics for a given Target type. 1,638 more words

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Energy tracking project results, part 2: data dump harder

For the first post in the energy tracking project results, please see this post.

In the last post, I provided a quick recap of my energy tracking project and provided the raw data for the first two states I’d tracked. 359 more words


Changing Metric Column Alias Name

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about changing the metric alias name in the SQL that MicroStrategy generates.

Sometimes you need to debug the query and you see something like this: 139 more words


Making Sense of Your Metrics

Most of us utilize metrics in one form or another. For better or for worse — they often become the focus of our day-to-day behavior. Monitoring metrics can be vital. 849 more words

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Energy tracking project results, part 1: recap and data

As the temperature has finally dropped below 85 degrees, I’m able to sit at the computer for long enough to do a write-up on the… 357 more words


Metrics Matter Even in Product Development

What do metrics mean to business? Since the time that W.E. Deming introduced statistical process control to the Japanese, manufacturing metrics have led the world down a quality revolution that, while significantly matured in the last half of the 20th century, remains fundamentally incomplete. 987 more words

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The Search for Spock: It’s Only Logical

In the world of product development process, there are trends and there are constants. A trend is something like “Six Sigma” and a constant is something like “metrics.” Before I get a lot of hate e-mail from the black belt community, I consider all branded process methods to be trends–I just picked Six Sigma for its name recognition. 802 more words

Time Compression Magazine Column