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When does giving the reader what they want turn into clickbait? It's complicated

The conventional wisdom is that clickbait is the bane of internet journalism, a kind of desperate pandering by revenue-challenged media companies aimed at racking up eyeballs — driven by the relentless economics of pageview-driven advertising. 568 more words

The Advantage of Strong Metrical Form in Poetry

Metrics bend.

Poem Enjoying a Day as a Cattail Beside the Trail

Creative Writing

From Data To Insight - Part 1

To put it simply, effective analysis of data and metrics means everything in today’s world. One major part of maintaining your competitive edge is directly correlated with your ability to quickly transform data to insight – and to use this insight to drive better business decisions and actions that generate superior business results. 276 more words


Quora wraps up its summer of mobile by releasing an iPad app and celebrating 3X growth

Four and a half years into its existence, Q&A site Quora has finally released an iPad app. It’s been the summer of mobile for the company, from an… 419 more words

My Annual Report

My husband was telling me a few months ago how a new requirement of his company’s parent company was to submit monthly progress reports. It’s a bit of extra work we said, but what a great way to track progress you’ve made, keep managers up to date with what you’re doing (and advocate for your work), and it would be valuable professionally to keep a record of what’s worked, what hasn’t and what you’ve learned. 450 more words

Logging learning center attendance using MS-Exchange Calendars

  1. Over the years, I had to find a number of solutions for monitoring student attendance in the learning center, by repurposing existing infrastructure (there are dedicated solutions which, however, are often too costly for a departmental center, or not shared well).
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