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Innovation Metrics for the Next City Manager

First and foremost, I attacked this assignment as if I were the manager of a city/county. I also envisioned that it was a particularly large municipality, similar to Phoenix (17,000+ employees), and, as a result of the size of the organization, I would develop metrics along the unit level. 951 more words

Marketing & Fundraising: Innovative Performance Metrics

Creating a performance metrics for innovation is quite challenging and as I complete our assignment for the week, I wonder how a performance metrics would work in other areas of public service. 339 more words


Week Five: Thing Five - Reflective Practice

Soooo, reflective practice. I didn’t think I’d see you again. We had to do learning journals for some modules of the MLIS which I moaned a lot about having to do, but in the end, I think I actually got quite a bit from them. 527 more words


Measuring your success

How do you prove your communications efforts return on investment (ROI) to your supervisor? What does ROI even look like in higher education?

Before you can begin to demonstrate that your communication efforts are working, you first need to understand what the programmatic goals of your unit are (this is the equivalent to for-profit companies wanting to increase sales). 436 more words

Social Media

Dashboard Versus Scorecard, There Is A Difference

Whatever you call these two, they are different.  One monitors activity, system or human, to provide alerts of activity occurring outside established limits. We call this a dashboard like the speedometer in our car, bandwidth monitors of a network, or reports of the quantity of available components to an assembly line.  208 more words

ROI is often the wrong metric.

Think of some common business metrics used to measure whether an action or decision is the right one.  Of the top of my head I think of: 217 more words


The Chasm between Reality and Belief

Steve Gold at SC Magazine has just posted a new article addressing the gap that has been identified between IT and management relative to the security posture of an organisation. 67 more words