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ratpag Celebrates Its 47th Post With A Look Back

Last week, at yet another organizational meeting, ratpag discussed what it wanted to tackle in the future.  Many topics were brought up- many of which were past, worn-out ideas – but one thing everyone agreed was important was to celebrate our many upcoming milestones.   606 more words

5 NYC Tips and Tricks!

I just spent 3 weeks temporarily living and working in New York City. While sleeping on my friend Kelley’s couch for 2 weeks, and commuting from Long Island for the last week, I gained a better knowledge of the NYC lifestyle. 1,137 more words


Dicas sobre Nova York: METROCARD e SUBWAY (METRÔ)

Algumas destas dicas eu só aprendi quando já estava morando aqui:

* Quando você compra o bilhete do metrô (metrocard), a máquina mostra na tela a pergunta se você deseja o recibo ou não. 623 more words

Card Skimmer Discovered On Payment Kiosk In NYC Subway

Whenever I’m in New York City and load up a MetroCard at the train station kiosk, I give the card readers extra scrutiny and think to myself, “such a high-volume spot would be a great place to install a skimmer.” My paranoia was justified: earlier this week, the Metropolitan Transit Authority warned the public that they’ve found card skimmers on a few of those very kiosks.

Credit Cards

To the police officer in Port Authority subway station


Dear Police Officer,

I am writing from my home because I currently have the liberty to do so, since you decided not to arrest or incarcerate me for the misdemeanor of neglecting to swipe my metrocard before walking through the open gate next to the subway turnstiles in the Port Authority subway station. 762 more words


A free ride! And good karma.

The first thing I noticed as I hustled to the subway turnstile was the service changes sign. But the second thing! Oh my. A kind soul hung a colorful sign with a delightful message and a MetroCard taped to it for the taking! 41 more words