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有好多家長問, 學習樂器是否需要用到拍子機

通常三至六歲的小朋友, 未能適應外來的聲音, 會受到拍子機影響, 彈不到歌曲, 我並不建議使用。
但如果這段期間, 要考琴試 / 比賽 的話, 嘗試學習跟拍子機亦何, 但跟不上也不用擔心, 下次再考試的時候會慢慢習慣。最好在這段期間學習開口數拍子, 將來, 對小朋友的節奏感亦比較好。

如正在讀小學 或 8 歲開始學琴的學生, 可以選擇用一些基本練習 – 即係「開手指」的課本作為練習跟拍子機, 如: Beyer / Czerny, 因為這些拍子比較穩定, 對學習聽拍子機比較有幫助。 6 more words


Commandment No. 11: Thou shalt obey the metronome.

SPA students Melissa Jean, Rasheed Abiose, Alexandria Sloan Harper and Joseph French practicing with the metronome, courtesy of Catalyst Quartet violinist Karla Donehew Perez.

Time Out

 I hosted the Jam Zone for the Humboldt Folklife Society on Saturday.  It was a long day for the kid, as we had no tent and were tucked away from most of the festival around the corner and behind a building.   596 more words

180 cadence: grace, speed and focus

180 bpm.  Click click click. Three beats per second. The upper limits of the human heart. Roughly the tempo of Mirror in the Bathroom667 more words

Thinking About Running

app alert: tunable

Student cellists/musicians: this app tunable is brilliant! Here’s why:

  1. It shows you CLEARLY in pink or green if you are in tune or not, can play/hold a pitch for you to match, and shows you the consistency of your bowing (and sound output.) This is a big eye opener for beginning cellist!
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Music Recording

I drew this after a (frustrating) day spent recording audio by myself. Oh, well – at least I got a cartoon out of it.