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Sleepless in Seattle: Mets Mariners

The Metsies are continuing their post all star break death trap on the west coast heading up to the great northwest to visit the Mariners. This is a  230 more words


So the Citifield sleepover was last night. Who in their right minds would do this?

Why would you, on a saturday night in the middle of July willingly go to an empty ballpark to sleep on the grass with 250 strangers to watch a baseball game. 197 more words


The haters said we'd collapse after the break. We're 1-0 now baby

So all I heard over the break is “Owen you’re fucking retarded, the Mets will not make the playoffs, they’re gonna lose 8 in a row coming out of the break”. 243 more words


Hypothetical Mets trades- Why not

This is one of the slowest sports days of the year and I am sooooo fucking bored. So I might as well throw out some rediculous trades we could make to bring us to a ‘ship. 283 more words


The World Championships of Dick Sucking took place last night in Minneasota

I thought that I’d be able to get through last night being fine with what was going on, I knew that Darek Jeter was going to be paraded around with his dick out and I thought I wouldn’t care. 161 more words


All Star Game preview/ Jeter prop bet guide

So we’re in the middle of the slowest 3 days of the sports year, so I have absolutely nothing to blog about. I might as well just throw up some All star game previews and predictions. 743 more words


So that the worst Home Run Derby ever right?

I was watching this Derby last night with BacaBoom and a few friends and the whole time I just couldn’t seem to pay attention for more than like 30 seconds at a time. 216 more words