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To the palace!

I’ve been invited to the Palace this evening.  Not the Palacio de Hierro (the famous department store), but the real deal… the Palacio Nacional … for a lecture on the Second Empire (Maximilian and Carlota’s “Phantom Crown”)… which makes it perfect to put up this rare photo by court photographer François Aubert… who stuck around after Max’s execution (15 May 1867) for at least a month, when he photographed the Zocalo, dolled up for the celebration of Benito Juarez’ formal return to the Capital. 40 more words

Ciudad De México

¡Andele, andele!... ¡yippa-yippa! Angostura/Buena Vista

The battle of Battle of Angostura.. or Buena Vista as it’s better known in the United States (22-23 February 1847), was militarily inconclusive: depending on how you look at it, either the United States won, or it lost… ditto Mexico. 519 more words



150 years ago, Maximiliano and Carlota came ashore on Mexican soil. The drawing is… shall we say… idealized? In reality, Max — being an admiral in the Austria-Hungarian Navy — in command of the landing craft, managed to run aground on the beach where the French army had been haphazardly burying troopers who had died of yellow fever. 14 more words

Mexican History 1824-1910