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Chicken Fajitas with a side of good conversation

Yikes! I just realized the last time I posted was pre-4th of July.  Don’t worry, I haven’t been eating Cheerios every night since then (just once or twice a week ;)).  434 more words



My favorite recipe has to be chicken quesadillas. They are really easy to make. You need tortillas, cheese and grilled chicken.

they taste good and… 41 more words


Weeknight Nachos

Well… I thought I had everything for my nachos, but lady luck has struck me down again.  I’ll give the real recipe…and how I made them tonight. 669 more words


Easy Mexican Pasta

I love making different kind of pasta dishes! There are so many different ways to experiment with flavors. This dish has a wonderful flavor with a nice kick of spices and it’s super simple and easy to make. 178 more words


Avocado, Tomato, and Corn Salad with Creamy Tomatillo Vinaigrette

Tomatillos arrived this week! My husband (who you may remember, hails from New Mexico) cannot be happier. So for his birthday this week, I’ve cooked up this roasty, toasty, creamy tomatillo vinaigrette. 446 more words


South of the Border: Steak Tacos and Homemade Salsa

At Trader Joe’s, they sell a pretty sizable vacuum-sealed flank steak at a very decent price. I like buying things that come in tightly-wrapped packages like this because I can buy in bulk and freeze without the worry of freezer-burn ruining the food. 353 more words


Burrito Bowl with Chickpeas, Kale and Cauliflower (Two Ways)

There is something super satisfying about a burrito. A bunch of your favorite goodies wrapped up in a warm, doughy blanket is pretty much unbeatable. Since we’ve been trying hard to cut down on grains, however, I’ve been forced to get a little more creative with my meals. 381 more words