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Convenience Store Owner Shoots Dead Shotgun Wielding Mexican Robber

Justice, Texas style, as a Houston Hispanic bites the dust, never to rob again.

A young man whose family convenience store had been a target for criminals since it opened gunned down a robber this weekend when the man threatened his sister.

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Telephone : Fighting words

I am going to up front..I have never played risk….BUT I know its just like war…try to take over land, right?

Anyways…lets just go with that…. 527 more words

How long to be a millionaire

How long does it take to earn $1m in different countries?

INFLATION may have ruined “How to marry a millionaire” as a good film title, but there is still something magical about $1m. 152 more words

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What Do You See? The Devil or Jesus?

South Texas Mexicans have been known to see Jesus in a piece of toast. Nothing new here other than that the moth sure is (or was) a pretty one. 182 more words