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The Only Lasting Sin

I don’t think they hate Mexicans
Because they have darker skin
I think they hate them because they are poor
If Mexicans drove across the border… 45 more words

Viva Mexikents....

After drinking many beers (‘Singles’ anyone) and eating many hamburgers, we decided to head on down to Mexico. There we could drink many cervesas and a large quantity of corn things served with fucking beans (I’m so fucking sick of beans) and cheese and chorizo. 1,516 more words


What they brought to the U.S of A

This is a post of a dear friend of mine I thought i would share I did ask his permission and he gave me a thumbs up so take it way John… 243 more words


Assorted Hispanic Garbage

Coney Island

  • 2 (two) mariachi DVDs
  • 1 (one) copy of Little Man starring the Wayons Brothers on DVD
  • 1 (one) soft core porn VHS
  • 1 (one) empty bottle of downy brand fabric softener…
  • 56 more words

Why do we need all those damn Latinos anyway?

Chicanos, Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican Americans, Spanish Americans, it’s all so confusing, what do I call them anyway?  Why can’t they just take a simple name like we do: Gringos?  2,031 more words

Mexican Immigrants Are Destructing The American Language

Yesterday, our beloved alley and friend, Israel, went to war with the Gaza strip, and invaded it with tanks, bombs, guns, and weapons. The world, and America, looked on as our alley had to fight to protect it self from the dangers of a foreign anime, and what surprised me the most, was how much criticism Israel drew for defending it self. 592 more words

Tales from the 'hood

by Zeke Teflon

Twenty years ago, when I moved here from San Francisco, I  had a great neighbor–Jesus, a really nice Mexican brick layer with a grade-school education from Nogales. 349 more words

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