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Drinking or fracking? Report finds top shale plays globally are in places with scarce water

Fresh water has always been a big part of fracking operations, but as it expands beyond North America to other parts of the world, researchers say it will increasing be competing for water in places that don’t have much. 821 more words


Meet me in San Luis (Potosi)

San Luis Potosi was never on any of our travel plans, probably up until the day prior to us leaving Zacatecas.

So why were we now on yet another bus (thankfully only a 3 hour trip) headed to this UNESCO listed colonial city of over 700,000 people? 1,038 more words


Sentir la experiencia que brinda el arte

Por Rocio Posada

Muchas veces la información sobre como entender o interpretar el arte puede llegar a ser abrumadora y muy técnica. No quiero decir que no existan elementos esenciales, como la composición, el ritmo y la forma; pero si considero que estos términos son secundarios a la hora en que realmente se vive el arte. 436 more words


Music that glorifies crime

I’m not talking about gangster rap music or other urban genres that are misogynistic but music that glorifies real crime and the criminals.

The latest to do this are pop songs that praise the mafia in Naples, the notorious Camorra. 569 more words


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Enjoy some of my favorite nature photos from the trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The first day there I went on a 15 hour birding exertion! 117 more words

I'm a dog! Hey!

A little glimpse into my life in Mexico these days.

the twigster,


PS: Try to make a story by connecting the pictures.

Here’s mine: I’m a dog and I like to run around in the corn. 29 more words