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Meyer Lemon Meandering

Pictured above are my recent adventures with Meyer lemons: Pan-Seared Salmon with Brown Butter Meyer Lemon Sauce, Chicken Piccata, and Angel Food Cake with Raspberry Sauce and Meyer Lemon Lavender Sorbet. 810 more words

Real Food

Buena Park Iced Tea

So, you’ve heard of the Long Island Iced Tea, right?  Well, I came up with my own little version of the delicious cocktail that I usually make virgin, but when it’s partay time, this little guy has been served up more than once!  328 more words

Risotto with Meyer Lemons

With the holidays being over, cooking sounds like the last thing to do.  Well not for T.W.O.! We are excited to share recipes with you and this year we are kicking off the Recipe of the Day with Meyer Lemon Risotto. 269 more words


Christmas Catchup

The holidays are over, and winter has settled in for the long haul. Although I (like everyone else on the planet) eagerly anticipate and plan for the holidays, I kind of dread them in a way, because I know that I will become complacent in my daily habits of rising late, eating deliciously unhealthy things, and including booze as another food group, making it all the harder for me to return to work in January. 661 more words


Drink to your health

Now that it’s January, you may be looking for a more virtuous beverage. Allow me to recommend the cider, thyme and tonic mocktail courtesy of… 148 more words

Eat + Drink

Meyer Lemon Indian Pickle and Indian Spice mixes

I never got the idea of Moroccan Preserved Lemons, or other variations, where the instructions say to pack the lemon slices in salt, then when they are ready you have to take off the juicy lemony pulp part, throw that away, and rinse the salt off of the lemon peel and only use that. 558 more words


tangy meyer lemon curd...

The colour alone is so sunny!  After stopping at a friend’s house recently, I saw her box of meyer lemons on her counter and asked where she got them from.   325 more words

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