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Being True to True Self

I have taken Meyers-Briggs type personality tests for some 30-odd years (see Jung test lists at this link for examples).  I consistently come out INFP or INFJ.   332 more words

Holmes, Watson, and Why I'm Often a Lousy Friend

If you’ve read my About section, you’ll see that I mention my Myers Briggs personality type. I do this because it’s a very simple way to tell you a lot about myself. 751 more words


31 Things, Day 12: Compose music

My last post on music in this 31 things series involves something I have never done once, and that is compose music. I want to do this because I… 329 more words


31 Things, Day 11: Play music

My wife tells people that I’m the most musical person she’s ever met who doesn’t play an instrument. It’s certainly not for lack of desire, nor a lack of trying, but I will admit it is for lack of persistence. 438 more words


31 Things, Day 10: Listen to music

I love listening to music. I can appreciate almost every genre out there: classical, funk, jazz, 80s new-wave, grunge, new age, bluegrass, prog rock … just not that fond of rap or hip hop. 525 more words


31 Things, Day 9: Read more fiction

As an author, it should be no surprise that I enjoy reading. I think every writer should read, to learn what good writing looks like (but also to learn what… 355 more words


31 Things, Day 8: Writing

Wait, aren’t I doing that right now? Well, yes, but not entirely the way I want to. This blog series is forcing me to write regularly again, and it’s something other than my novel, which is good for variety; but I’ve got a massive amount of ideas in my head and there is just not enough time to do them all. 387 more words