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On the Outside Looking In: Part 2

So, I really should be spending this time editing Osborne or writing Forever Sunshine, but hey, I’m procrastinating (something I’m sure none of you can relate too, right?) I’ll do it “sometime”… 529 more words

About Me

Recharging cells

I haven’t blogged much in the last month or so because I decided that working long hours would be a good thing! Well, it is. But the long, crazy hours and tasks left me pretty drained and in need of a good weekend break with time to myself to read, write, sleep, and spend time with those most important to me. 190 more words

INFJ — Lost in Complexities

Psikolog di angkatan kami kemarin berbisik-bisik pada saya. Dia mengatakan ingin mengungkap lebih jauh dan detail lagi mengenai kepribadian dia~dan saya~yang sayangnya~haduh~memang sama. Berdasarkan tes di situs… 1,311 more words

My Life

Physics and the laws of character development: going to extremes

Remember your first lesson in magnets, way back in elementary school? Each magnet has two poles, or sides. If you put the north end of one magnet to the south end of another magnet, they stick together – something powerful pulls at both. 485 more words