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How to wrap friendship

Flirty Sprinklepants reporting for duty, sir!

Kind of.

With that name, and only two weeks away from Christmas Day, and I still haven’t had that sprinkly, Rudolph-like wintery feeling just yet. 864 more words


To The Age Old Question: What Am I?

I have spent the past few years learning and growing both intellectually and personally. When you fly off to college, you tend to find you niche and people who see the world in the same color as yourself. 552 more words


Understanding my personality

Lately, I’ve really been trying to better understand myself. So far, I’ve really connected with a few surveys:

  • Meyers Briggs Personality Inventory

This is probably my favorite personality test. 356 more words


"Reconstruction mode"; fall break 2014

On Friday, Nov, 21. 2014 at 9 a.m. local time, I officially declare my fall break started.

I hereby officially declare myself in “reconstruction mode” until 9 p.m. 389 more words


7 Things You Should Know Before You Date An ENFP

ENFPs are all-or-nothing people in their lives and in love. They take romantic relationships seriously, yet approach them with enthusiasm and warmth. ENFPs crave meaningful connections with their partners and are likely to leave a relationship early on if that connection is absent. 579 more words

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have An INFP Friend

To find out your Myers-Briggs personality type, click here.

INFPs are the creative and thoughtful friends who have an innate understanding of what makes people tick. 760 more words

The trouble with transformation

Maybe I am thinking about change because it is fall — at least according to the calendar. In Austin, there really are no dramatic fall colors yet, maybe we will get a glimpse of something beautiful for a short moment before a rainstorm blows all the leaves off the trees in December. 673 more words