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End of Semester MFA field trip

So far, there have been five tutors who say they are interested in an end of semester field trip to the MFA. If I get 15 tutors who are interested in the field trip by next week, I will contact the MFA to set it up. 17 more words


Taking a break from bootstrapping two businesses and working at a TV station to make sure I don’t flunk out of my MFA program.


Writing Wednesday: First Words

Take the first word of every line of a poem that you like, and use it as the first word of every line for your own poem. 142 more words


‘Goya: Order and Disorder’ captures humanity

By Jillian Jennett
Contributing Writer

Francisco Goya is known as one of the greatest artists of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and as the most important Spanish painter of all time. 361 more words

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