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By Ira Kelson Hatfield

When I walked into my first creative writing class, I’m pretty sure I had an underlying belief that I’d already learned all there was to know about writing. 1,483 more words

Guest Blogger

Rotation 72º, installation 2013

A 90 degree corner is connected by white strings. The perpendicular walls have rhombuses painted in a variety of grey shades which have been freed of a grid system . 99 more words

Art Installation

Raising Money to Build a Shop & the SIK Show

You might well be wondering, “What’s been going on with Maumasi Fire Arts lately? I haven’t seen a post in ages!” The answer to that question: A LOT. 157 more words

YES...NO...or MAYBE? Defending my thesis!

I had my MFA dissertation presentation today (called a Final Review at the Academy).  In front of a group of three professors, I had to present my thesis, my artwork and the concept behind it all.   87 more words


Day 239

Working like crazy to produce more. Sleep is completely overrated. I have a new sculpture, partially built, waiting on the test results. Haha! Sounds like it’s sick or something. 75 more words

Student Profile: Aaron Gotlieb

Name: Aaron Gotlieb
Age: 36

Where are you from?

Atlanta, GA

What is your performance/theater background?

I received a BFA in Theatre with honors from Columbus State University. 657 more words

Physical Theatre