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How to know the speed of internet in ios programmetically

I am developing the application in which every things depends on internet.my Requirement is that when the speed of internet is low,app should display alert to user that “your internet speed is low, that’s why this feature is not available to you.” 65 more words


Perform Action on Javascript function from ios

i am developing the app in ios in which there is only 3-4 native pages and other things are handle in uiwebview. i want to start my native loader when “next” button clicked which is in html page and stop after page loaded. 121 more words


Weigh In: Oct 4 2014

This week’s result: 168.0
Loss/Gain: -1.0 lbs
Overall Loss/Gain: -92.6

Down a pound from last week, though it probably wasn’t exactly earned.

Keeping on. Major goal this week: eat every dinner at home. 8 more words

Easter Seals RENEW Recycling

I can, in no way, completely cover everything Easter Seals does in this small area, but I can tell you how humbling it is to walk through the building and meet the people. 464 more words


Im horrible at this.

I get busy doing things and forget to post and hold myself accountable. I need to be better.

My eating has been good. The last time we went to the grocery store, I purposely didn’t buy any junk food. 114 more words

A little self-help

I’ll admit it.  I’m on a diet and have been since November.  But not a diet like one you might imagine.  I am not restricting myself to 1200 calories (far too low for most people).  730 more words


Three Printers that Can Save on Space, Time and Money

We have found ourselves surrounded by printers. Big and small. Fast and slow. Wireless and tethered. But they all have one thing in common: They get the job done with a minimum of effort on our part. 1,070 more words

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