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One solution to many woes: make sperm scarce.

The Grim Guy, Lucian Vâlsan wrote a very interesting article: A bachelor tax – not so unlikely in which he describes the Romanian circumstances in the 1980′s under Nicolae Ceaușescu. 739 more words

Men's Rights

Transcript - Avoiding Cohabitation and the Potential Risk of Common Law Marriage

With the legal dangers of marriage becoming increasingly well documented, some have begun to consider cohabitation to be a safe alternative. Although with this video my aim is to highlight some of the hidden risks to be found in cohabitation, and how these risks could be exacerbated once states catch onto the fact that increasingly few men are signing on the dotted line. 883 more words

A Cynical Look At Feminism

SHOCK!!! A Dude Demands Equality!!!

Howdy, boys and girls and everything in-between and those inhabiting the outer fringes whose place within the universe is present but… damn.

It is so damn confusing trying to keep up with modern society. 183 more words


How Social Justice Warriors Such As Paul Elam & Blue Pill Soccer Dads ie. W.F Price & Dalrock Ruined The Manosphere

For a start, the so called manosphere today, is NOT the real manosphere

The vast majority of blogs in the manosphere, claiming to be red pill, are anything but red pill… 573 more words

MGTOW and male 'mother love'

Male mother love:
This idea suggests that men’s relationship aspirations are driven by an unconscious yearning for “mother” love, from which all MGTOW men should attempt to liberate themselves. 187 more words


Japanese MRM and the Cultural Origin of MGTOW

Japan has been at the forefront of the men’s rights movement for some time, and the activity on Wikipedia demonstrates this. The Men’s Rights article is one of the five most contested topics on Japanese language Wikipedia. 554 more words