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The Men's Rights Movement is Anti-trans?

Now I am not saying the MRM as a whole, but rather talking in specifics to many MRM’s whom I have spoken to or know directly. 647 more words

MHRA, integrator fabrication and paper published.

The letter of no objection came for the device we will be using in our clinical trial. This is permission to use a CE marked device that has been modified and is being used in a manner not originally approved. 184 more words


Big Pharma UK: Propranolol SCAM

Propranolol, a substance discovered in 1964 by a Scottish scientist James W. Black, is a blood pressure control drug as it directly blocks the release of adrenalin in our bodies. 2,334 more words

SCOTUS' Birth Control Decision is a Men's Issue Too

The US Supreme Court handed down a decision today in the Burwell Vs Hobby Lobby case that is not only a disaster for American women, that not only undermines ‘Obamacare’ but which stands in contravention – not support – of the Establishment Clause and people’s right to be treated free of prejudice. 437 more words


TDA Consultation Document

I’m presenting a bare-bones outline of a policy document here. I want to expand on it and then tackle the issues that are presented in the blog in the hopes of building a like-minded community here. 831 more words


#ICMI14 Why Attack Feminism?

I’ve been following the First International Conference on Men’s Issues (#icmi14 on Twitter) and via the live audio stream and it has been interesting so far. 702 more words


The covert cancer at the heart of orthodox medicine

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

I first entered the world of alternative health therapies when I was a journalist on the Sunday Times, in the early Nineties. 1,350 more words

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