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The Men's Rights Movement is Anti-trans?

Now I am not saying the MRM as a whole, but rather talking in specifics to many MRM’s whom I have spoken to or know directly. 647 more words

The Masculine Divine

I’m planning to write more about this topic after I’ve read The Witches’ God, by the Farrars. Until then, I thought this would be a good time to share my thoughts, as it’s something I feel strongly about. 1,623 more words


To all the feminists who are 'not like that' [NAFALT]: Time to speak up

I created this video to open discussion with feminists who are ‘not like that’ who do care about men’s human rights as well as women’s rights. 41 more words

What is an MRA?

What is an MRA?

Most of you have heard the term MRA thrown about with pure vitriol these last several days especially. Elliot Rodger has been said to be an MRA. 2,158 more words

MRAs and Feminists Responses to Each Others Events

Men’s Rights Edmonton likes to go to feminists events to record what the feminists are saying and spreading their message. Every time they issue the same warning “anyone who interrupts this event is our enemy” 144 more words


The Dude Has Nowhere to Abide

Forgive the title, I’m not even a fan of The Big Lebowski but the wife loves it and so I was forced to watch it last night. 1,938 more words