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Identity Crises: August '14 in Film

Hey folks. Regrettably, this past month hasn’t been the greatest for me on terms of movie-watching. While I did watch 31 films this month – keeping with my personal minimal goal of one-film-per-day average – a good portion of these were rewatches. 2,832 more words

Monthly Recaps

Back In The Ring For Another Swing

Here I sit, propped up in my on bed, medicated to the gills, and typing one handed. A breakfast of pain pills and Bloody Charlies’s starts the day off nicely, I must say. 1,374 more words



Had a little surgery on the old throwing arm. Pins & screws everywhere.

Femur with a little crack and a busted left foot. If my shoulder wasn’t screwed, I could probably get around on crutches. 245 more words

Mi Vida Loca

Better late than never

I can’t believe it took me this long to put into words, but I finally figured out what was bothering me. You treated me like glass. 66 more words

Mi Vida Loca

No Hope For Me

I’m probably the last guy to hear about Robin Williams, but I don’t keep up with stuff very well.

If that guy killed himself, there is no hope for me. 31 more words


Jumping On A Jet Plane

Flying up to Mississippi today to handle some Bid-ness. Flying back tonight.

I hate having what responsibilities that I do have.

I’m taking a vacation when I get back.


I Should Have Checked My Facebook Page More Often

Wonder what would have happened if I had seen it at the time and replied?

Another missed opportunity in a life full of regrets…..

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