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Balancing life with social media

Computers and internet are great inventions. Anything and everything can be answered with the click of a button. But there are tradeoffs. Nowadays, I can’t go anywhere without my phone. 440 more words

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What is this really about?

It’s 5:21 in the morning on Sunday, September 14th, the beginning of our third full day in Kyoto. It feels like it has been a week since we got here. 654 more words

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Life's meant to be scary

So after a fourteen hour plane ride, I arrived in Tokyo last night, the beginning of my semester abroad studying Buddhist traditions in Japan. On the plane, I was a major wreck. 294 more words

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Struggling Back In To It

Had to pop back in the the Doc Shop Sunday for foot repair and a tweak to the shoulder. Back home now and trying to get back in the groove. 28 more words

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Identity Crises: August '14 in Film

Hey folks. Regrettably, this past month hasn’t been the greatest for me on terms of movie-watching. While I did watch 31 films this month – keeping with my personal minimal goal of one-film-per-day average – a good portion of these were rewatches. 2,832 more words

Monthly Recaps

Back In The Ring For Another Swing

Here I sit, propped up in my on bed, medicated to the gills, and typing one handed. A breakfast of pain pills and Bloody Charlies’s starts the day off nicely, I must say. 1,374 more words



Had a little surgery on the old throwing arm. Pins & screws everywhere.

Femur with a little crack and a busted left foot. If my shoulder wasn’t screwed, I could probably get around on crutches. 245 more words

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