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George Smiley lives!

I am old enough to have spent my childhood listening to AM radio & you always got weird noises between stations. Watching black & white war movies & later 70′s spy movies one knew about contacting spies – always “sleeper agents” who would be the last person you expect to rise up & wreak havoc – with the plot. 68 more words

"Sweet Tooth" by Ian McEwan

So far my McEwan reading has been:
-The Comfort of Strangers (many years ago, at a friend’s house). A chilling novella with a gruesomely violent ending, but whose motivations are implausible… 234 more words


Captain America is a commie?

Last night I went to see “Captain America: the Winter Soldier” a classic super hero fight fest with tight costumes & naked manly chests. The story however was of an out of control intelligence service trawling “big data” for those it considers to be a security threat and by doing so trampling on the freedoms Captain America holds dear…. 102 more words

SPAIN BOOK REVIEW: 'The Spy with 29 Names' by Jason Webster

The Spy with 29 Names is a gripping account of the exploits of Juan Pujol, the most extraordinary double agent of the Second World War, who was awarded both an Iron Cross by Germany and an MBE by Britain. 1,090 more words

CAB - Book Review

A review of 'Kim Philby: His Most Intimate Betrayal'

‘Kim Philby: His Most Intimate Betrayal’ is Ben Macintyre’s fascinating and well-crafted story on BBC2 on Wednesday and Thursday evening this week. The overriding view of Kim Philby is that he was a calculating, venal traitor. 177 more words

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The name’s Bond. Jamal Bond. And yes, that’s a tuxedo under my galabaya. (GIF shameless lifted from Karl reMarks)

David Cameron recently announced that unnamed British security and intelligence agencies would be investigating the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain in an effort to determine its philosophy and activities and shape the government’s policy regarding the group.  200 more words

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