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The Game of Life

So I was watching the news yesterday and there was a story that broke about a Russian spy ring (KGB) bust that happened in New York. 165 more words


Review 'Mortdecai' From The Editor

Mortdecai has a pedigree that most don’t know about and if the Johnny Depp-starring mystery-comedy scores with audiences, there could be more.

Mortdecai is based on the book… 739 more words


Paul Lashmar has article on The Conversation website: The rise of an intelligence lobby threatens the rights of lawyers, journalists – and all of us

A powerful intelligence lobby made up of former defence ministers, police chiefs and intelligence commissioners has emerged in British politics, determined to push for greater powers and resources for the police and intelligence agencies. 68 more words

Rendition/torture: UK Govt still in denial despite irrefutable evidence

The British Government continues to deny involvement in extraordinary rendition or knowledge of rendition/torture. Yet documents prove otherwise. Below we collate these documents and quote the relevant sections. 1,222 more words


Three Ghosts: Day One

Another Monday nearly gone, and here we are with Part 2 of “Three Ghosts,” a not-so-Dickensian post-holiday tale. And, because I didn’t actually complete this particular story before I started posting it (oh, don’t act like you’re surprised – unless I have a 500-word limit, things tend to get a bit… out of hand), this is not going to be a story in 4 parts as I originally intended. 1,616 more words



Another ‘I told you so’ and twice in ten minutes! Lol!

I told everyone I know long ago when I started over 4 years ago and once after a comment of ‘Your bit James Bond!’ and annoyed by this I answered ‘no James Bond wishes he was me!’ before going on to say ‘… and… 441 more words

Links revealed between UK spy agencies and Gaddafi-era Libya

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org
British spy agencies had close operational links with their Libyan counterparts during the rule of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, and even allowed Libyan spies to operate on British soil, according to documents. 359 more words

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