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Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Woody Allen was married to actress Mia Farrow. They had one child together biologically, and they adopted two other children together.

Farrow already had one adopted daughter, from a previous marriage, named Soon-Yi and from the time she was 8-years-old Allen acted as a father to Soon-Yi. 749 more words

Mia Farrow Apparently Finds Family Pics by Googling 'Mia Farrow & Her Black Children'

The actress and activist Mia Farrow has become known for her lively and informative Twitter feed in recent years. But today, she sent out a tweet that implied she is not necessarily the savvy tech pro we thought she was. 178 more words

F**k the Oscars, here's the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards nominees

The 2015 Academy Award nominations were announced today and, as expected, the horror genre got left out in the winter cold to die a slow, painful death. 797 more words

Scary Movies

Mama Mia! Ronan Farrow's mother makes him and MSNBC look like cowards [pic]

MSNBC embodies that attitude perfectly:

MSNBC just pixelated the new Charlie Hebdo cover during Ronan Farrow interview with former writer.

— Andrew Stiles (@AndrewStilesUSA) January 13, 2015…

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Rosemary’s Baby

I first heard about Rosemary’s Baby not from a film perspective, but from a fashion point of view. Rosemary’s Vidal Sassoon crop and unique outfits spoke to me as both a fan of fashion and horror (Not to mention a previous owner of a crop amongst a sea of long hair, the first in my decade of ‘hair rebellion’). 441 more words