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Throwback Thursday: The USWNT's World Cup-winning 99ers

With the World Cup just mere weeks away and the U.S. women’s national team going through a major transition, there’s no better time to look back in the annals of U.S. 2,328 more words

Grant Wahl

What Makes You Unique?

Written by Jacqueline Newell

As my year of being a Leadership Consultant is coming to a close, I have been doing a lot of job searching. 380 more words

Women's sports legend, Mia Hamm visits Northern Arizona Univeristy

When the beat up Volkswagen bus carrying a family from southern California rumbled through Flagstaff a few decades ago, there was a little girl inside whose eventual impact on sports and society would trump any other accomplishment by a female athlete in the modern era. 145 more words

Obligatory Female Athlete Post

 I am a feminist. I am not a lesbian and I am definitely not a man hater. I’m not the obnoxious, vocal girl in class who doesn’t shave her legs and who is easily offended by a comment in class. 346 more words

South Africa needs Mia Hamm

Playing soccer has been one of my favorite activities thus far: I have gotten to know a lot of people while doing something I love. I have also noticed a lot of cultural difference between the USA and South Africa while playing soccer, especially in regard to the female level of play in South Africa. 18 more words

Case Western Reserve University

Igniting A Flame

I am building a fire,

and every day I train,

I add more fuel,

At just the right moment,

I light the match.

-Mia Hamm…

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