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The Double

An exquisite amalgam of Brazil, The Hudsucker Proxy and Being John Malcovich, Richard Ayoade has drunk deep from the well of The Mighty Boosh, and emerged as one of the most exciting directors to watch today.   57 more words

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Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn, Cathy Moriarty, Chris O’Dowd, James Fox, Noah Taylor

Directed by: Richard Ayoade

Synopsis: A clerk in a government agency finds his unenviable life takes a turn for the horrific with the arrival of a new co-worker who is both his exact physical double and his opposite – confident, charismatic and seductive with women.jesse-eisenberg-the-double… 362 more words


The Double - 2013 - Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade’s compelling adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s 19th Century novel is superb. Ayoade and cinematographer Erik Wilson created the most intriguing dystopian world in which to tell the story of a civil servant, Simon James (Eisenberg) whose life is torn apart by the arrival of his doppelgänger – leaving Simon paranoid, crazed and suicidal. 329 more words



This true-to-life action saga profiles Virginia’s bootlegging Bondurant brothers, whose exploits during the Prohibition era made them outlaw heroes. (Netflix)

Watch this for the cast. The story is interesting, but the script is flawed. 169 more words

To Watch - Stoker

If I’d seen Stoker in the year it came out (2013) it would certainly have been among my Top 10 films of the year.

Stoker… 255 more words


film review - The Double

The best way to describe the tone of Richard Ayoade’s The Double, inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella of the same name, would be as a haunting and surreal character study with some splashes of dark comedy here and there. 538 more words