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Strong 2014 Results at Deere Are Seen as Unlikely in 2015 by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

NYT business news! Deere says its annual net income will drop about 40 percent and revenue from agricultural and turf equipment will fall further than it did in fiscal 2014.http://ift.tt/1tu31UD

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Dutch Energy Researchers Test a Salt Concentration Plant by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

NYT business news! The plant takes advantage of the difference in salt concentration between seawater and fresh water to produce electricity.http://ift.tt/1vlifiA

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Cautious Spending by Consumers and Businesses May Slow Growth Next Spring by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

NYT business news! Data released on Wednesday was disappointing compared with that of the previous day, which showed the economy had expanded at the fastest pace in over a decade in the second and third quarters.http://ift.tt/1HGJPNZ

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Eating Our Way Through Little Havana

Little Havana, is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. For those who might not know, it is home to a significant number of Cuban immigrant residents. 1,099 more words


This holiday just got a little bit more awesome

Well… Looks like our holiday will be a little bit longer than originally planned.

Some of our friends are working at Art Basel in Miami and they convinced us it would be a good idea to stick around. 297 more words


Ferguson protests move from streets to Black Friday boycotts

FERGUSON, Missouri – Violent protests again in Ferguson, Missouri, for the second straight night.

And this time the protests, and sometimes the violence, spread Missouri’s misery across the country in Cleveland, Richmond, New York, Miami, Little Rock, Los Angeles and more than 100 other cities. 443 more words


Inside the Truck by Unknown Author

NYT business news! For mobile retail trucks, space is at a premium. Jessie Goldenberg of Nomad, based in New York City, gives a peek into the design of her 120-square-foot boutique.http://ift.tt/11vnUbA

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