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Prophetic Wisdom Concerning Religious Ritualism, Idolatry, and Social Injustice

The prophetic books of the Old Testament contain heaps of practical knowledge that aids Christians to lead godly lives. Specifically, the prophets illustrate religious ritualism, idolatry, and social injustice in a manner that enables Christians to effectively avoid the repeated mistakes of God’s chosen people and the consequences thereof. 824 more words


Minor Prophets who played major roles in the Old Testament

Each week I will post a scripture from the Minor Prophets. This semester I will be taking Old Testament Survey II where I will be studying the Major and Minor prophets. 274 more words

Beachy Summer Evening

Hello friends–  Spent a warm summer evening with the family hiking across Balboa Island, ferrying over the bay and splashing on the beach at Newport.  Sort of a farewell to summer as well as to the kids.   104 more words


New bus routes give some people opportunity to work outside their neighborhood

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Riding the bus was something Jackie Ivy never had to do.

But when her car broke down back in February, she needed a lift. 308 more words


Faith & Religion

What does God require of you?

As you read this blog I want you to really think about that question. Pastor Nick challenged us Sunday with this question and I was hoping to reinforce this challenge. 683 more words


Our Meridian Bucket List

Meridian and the surrounding areas are nice and quaint little towns. There really is more to do than you think. Even in Houston with literally everything at your fingertips and multiple places, restaurants, activities to visit and do, we get caught up in the day-to-day routine life and find ourselves never doing anything new. 1,184 more words