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Cadvent Alendar Countdown: 3!

Dear diary,

let’s face it: three days to go and yet no gifts prepared!


Vintage Mouse Brooch by JJ

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

Shards, Pieces, Sunlight, Mirrors

My mind grows legs and goes in search

For a dream, a parchment, a piece of life

Everything is shards, pieces, sunlight, mirrors

In my world… 66 more words


4th Candle, 21st Door: Mutatis Mutandis

Ante mare et terras et quod tegit omnia caelum unus erat toto naturae vultus in orbe, quem dixere chaos…

This is what Ovid says in ‘The Primal Chaos’ about the state of things before the creation of the world. 17 more words


Hartford Has It: National Indian Education Association Selects Connecticut Convention Center to Host Annual Convention

The National Indian Education Association selected Hartford as the host city for its 2018 Annual Convention & Trade Show. More than 1,200 delegates along with more than 100 exhibitors will spend three days in Connecticut experiencing its history and culture. 14 more words


Law of Nature

Wherever you drop an old rug, one of ‘em will drop a dead rodent.


IACC Unveils New Global Directory for MICE Planners

 IACC CEO Mark Cooper has announced the launch of a new website at IACCmeetings.com. “The primary goal of the website which offers the only a global directory of IACC-certified conference venues is to provide a streamlined experience for Meeting Planners who are searching for their next conference venue” according to Cooper.