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Black Friday!

So many great deals are on this year, it’s crazy! Especially with the latest black friday hype in the UK. My TV and Email are constantly shoving black friday in my face, it’s never been this big in england before! 190 more words


Mouse Mansion 3: Sam and Julia at the Circus – Karina Schaapman

RRP $24.99

ISBN: 9781760112028Australian

December 2014

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Imprint: A & U Children

When this fabulous offering arrived in my package on Thursday I immediately knew that Small and I would love it – both being mouse aficionados (today we went shopping for a new little mouse – now called Mousey Two, in honour of a lately departed dear friend). 379 more words

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Domestic Wildlife

Monday: We have a mouse problem. At least we think we do. The four-legged residents are paying a lot of attention to one corner of the spare room. 1,585 more words

Other Stuff

FCm Travel Solutions highlights Barcelona as a top MICE destination

Leading global Travel Management Company, FCm Travel Solutions co-hosts a corporate evening in partnership with Tourism Office of Spain and Barcelona Tourism ConventionBureau at Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi today to highlight Barcelona as the next best MICE destination. 36 more words


C is for Cold

I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday and was surprised to hear that it was the third time in its history that snow fell in New York City during the event. 167 more words

Things That Go Bump In The Night

…and in the morning

Sitting quietly reading when a scratching, scrabbling sound comes from overhead; I ignore it thinking it is hubby moving around upstairs. Its an old house so sometimes the odd bits fall into the voids. 337 more words