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Midnight Screening: The Terminator

Those who’ve seen the sequels to this borderline-depraved urban-horror that typifies menace may be forgiven for thinking this first film is something it has no interest in being. 1,708 more words


My review of "The Divide," (2012)

I was surprised indeed by “The Divide” (2012) – a flawed post-apocalyptic  horror film that nevertheless has a hell of a lot going for it.  It’s a horrifying, brutal look at seven apartment building residents who survive a nuclear holocaust by sheltering together in the building’s basement. 331 more words

J.K. Simmons gives hints to Terminator: Genisys...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

While conducting an interview, actor J.K. Simmons gave some interesting tidbits to Alan Taylor’sTerminator: Genisys‘ that is part of a three-part trilogy (click… 247 more words

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Genre Grandeur: Aliens

As part of Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur season, I was asked to pick my favourite film set in space. I have a few personal favourites here, but the one that comes to mind straight away is James Cameron’s Aliens. 49 more words


The Art of War (2000)

Yet another movie imdb.com has categorized into some weird box… It’s an action thriller, not an action adventure (adventures to me are Goonies, Indiana Jones and around the world in 80 days.. 356 more words


Lightning Review: Take Me Home Tonight

Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), an MIT graduate, is given a second chance to hook up with his high school crush (Teresa Palmer).

I think I have become jaded towards romantic comedies. 196 more words


Horrorible Review: "The Divide"

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

The Divide

As post-apocalyptic movies go, this one is especially depressing. I’m fairly certain it’s the reason I had really bad dreams all weekend. 267 more words

Horrorible Review