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The Art of War (2000)

Yet another movie imdb.com has categorized into some weird box… It’s an action thriller, not an action adventure (adventures to me are Goonies, Indiana Jones and around the world in 80 days.. 356 more words


Lightning Review: Take Me Home Tonight

Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), an MIT graduate, is given a second chance to hook up with his high school crush (Teresa Palmer).

I think I have become jaded towards romantic comedies. 196 more words


Horrorible Review: "The Divide"

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

The Divide

As post-apocalyptic movies go, this one is especially depressing. I’m fairly certain it’s the reason I had really bad dreams all weekend. 267 more words

Horrorible Review

Back to School #20: Coach (dir by Bud Townsend)

Just from watching the trailer above, you probably think that the 1978 film Coach is just your standard high school sports film.  And, in many ways, it is.   491 more words


The Abyss (1989)

Director: James Cameron

Writer: James Cameron (Screenplay)

Starring: Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn, Leo Burmester, Todd Graff, John Bedford Lloyd… 439 more words


Pulp TV - Adventure, Inc.

Looking for some diversion in this dead dead dead week of mid-August, when Italy all but shuts down and it feels like a zombie plague is on, I dug up the DVDs of… 617 more words

Armchair Adventuring

80’s Movie Quotes

I was watching Commando the other night, not that it’s a movie for the faint of heart but fun nonetheless, and the girl who meets… 522 more words

Freedom Friday