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Production Notes: Interstellar

Thoughts on the Production

“This world’s a treasure, but it’s been telling us to leave for a while now” – Cooper

Since the dawn of time, Mankind has always pushed the limits of our world, from setting sail to explore new lands to the first steps on the moon, yet the final frontier remains enticingly and terrifyingly unattainable.

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Another grand concept with fantastic cast and cutting-edge technology by Mr. Nolan. The story this time, however, has some inadequate plots during trying to connect the beginning and the end. 34 more words


Interstellar: A Gargantuan Mind Bender

Do not go gentle into that good night.  This is Dr. Brand’s (Michael Caine) inspiring speech to the astronauts of the Endeavor as they take off to explore a wormhole near Saturn in hopes of finding an inhabitable planet on the other side to save humanity from itself. 1,229 more words

Must See

Interstellar (NO SPOILERS)


     Known for deep, thought provoking, films, Christopher Nolan does it again with Interstellar. While this movie may not be the best Nolan movie yet, it is definitely a great achievement in cinema. 904 more words


I was struggling on how to open, then I realised: this is classic Christopher Nolan (Inception, 2010). Nolan has written and directed this movie and it shows. 1,553 more words


Interstellar Review

When Earth is no longer capable of supporting human life, can the human race find another place to live? That is the simplest question posed by Christopher Nolan in his newest sci-fi epic,  611 more words