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California Governor Brown wants rainy-day fund in constitution

On Wednesday, California Gov Jerry Brown stepped up his efforts to enshrine a rainy day fund in the state’s constitution, stealing some thunder from Republicans backing a similar measure as he seeks an unprecedented fourth term. 465 more words

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America Is Not in Retreat

An op-ed in The Guardian by Michael Cohen argues that America is not in “retreat” around the globe but rather is just not invading other countries and starting World War III without due course. 27 more words

Them (Ils) (2006)

     Horror filmmaking, a visualization of things no one wants to happen to them, can be morbidly fascinating, or even lyrical. Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In, particularly, told its story brilliantly and in some ways transcended the vampire genre.  462 more words

Thought-stopping. Staying positive in a crazy world.

I have taken some more concepts and techniques from The Power of Accepting Yourself by Michael Cohen. I aim to use these as part of my daily life where possible. 810 more words

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